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Perhaps I am bonded so closely to her because we are together every moment of the day and night. I have no idea who the men were, or whether it was the same man. Some time after midnight, we retired to our hotel rooms.

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We then see her lying naked in bed, showing her breasts again as the guy makes out with her and she half-heartedly tries to get him to stop. We think we need to look or seem a certain way. Fame is not real. The actress Marlene Dietrich taught me how to light myself when we made the film 80 Days.

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I got back into bed. This was the Dietrich facelift. Mcclaien that was the way the Kennedy crowd did sex — anonymously. When I got up the next morning, everyone was gone. I rolled over on to the floor. She has also made it possible for me to know that I am capable of unconditional love. I had to know a little something about the person I was having sex with.

Once, during the Kennedy campaign, Bobby and his cohorts invited a bunch of us Hollywood types to spend a weekend in Palm Springs. Elizabeth was no fool, and Mike was no cheap-skate. This went on all night until I finally slept on the floor.

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