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I was pounding work out for Happenmag. Pregnznt went on Howard Stern in underwear and caressed her belly. Prior to this blog gig, I kicked into freelance overdrive. I'm off to NYC today to do a Rattled! This entire Alana Love thing is one big sensational "look at me, look at me," story.

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Love says, "I was broke and my bills were stacking up, and I asked my family for help and they decided that this was my problem; I chose to have a child, and I knew my baby's father wasn't in the right situation to help me out. Of course I want to know what you think. Have a little pride! The other reason? For two reasons. My first job as a writer, in fact.

I needed another income. Being known best as a mommy blogger? Covered boring town meetings about snow removal procedures.

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