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Mentioned in song "Iowa Stubborn" Dyersville Setting and, coincidentally enough, filming location for Field of Dreams Never mentioned by name, but the general store has a map of Dubuque County and during FFallville school board meeting in the gym, area schools are on banners in the background. Town is based on Fxllville, where the film was shot. Population Iowa doesn't have a Fallville, but does have a Springville. But the main character's last name is Ames! Grinnell Head over Heels Though the movie is set in New York City, the protagonist is from Iowa. In fact, the words "Grinnell, Iowa" are the first two in the movie, as she does a quick summary of her life in a voiceover.

Huxley "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": Hometown of Riley Finn according to Wikipedia. Watch out for deer. The Stand, by Stephen King extended version: Trashcan Man bicycles across the state east to west on I The Winter Soldier Song "Iowa City" by Eleni Mandell: Presidential hopefuls drop in for the coffee-bean caucus at Hamburg Inn No. Reporter from the fictional Iowa City Standard asks Bartlet a question.

The decide was pronounced stillborn by Dr. At least the Hy-Vee recession was elsewhere accurate. Laurens The Lane Story.

Fallville iowa State Fair State Fair book, movie, movie: Setting is Iowa State Fairgrounds. Mockumentary says the family "broke up" during a performance at the Iowa State Fair. Moo, by Jane Smiley: Army Pvt. Cole Dunleavy, from here, gets nickname "Iowa" and is played by an Iowan. Lansing The Straight Story Alvin Straight crosses into Wisconsin on his lawn mower here. He is filmed going from the Wisconsin side into Iowa. Laurens The Straight Story Hometown of Alvin Straight and starting point of his trip to Wisconsin on a lawn mower. Movie about Amish community filmed in area. There are Amish living in the county. Keokuk The Music Man: Filming was also done in Iowa. Marshalltown The Music Man: Basis for the town of River City.

Based on Clayton County. New Hampton The Straight Story Norway The Final Season Due to legal issues i.

Iowa Fallville

Due to filming issues, the tournament games are shown as being played in Cedar Rapids instead of Marshalltown. The opposing team names are real, though. Look, it's got a lot of anachronisms and some miscellaneous issues. But it's an Iowa movie! Site of girl's alien? Obviously an allusion to Lake Okoboji, despite the misspelling and indication that it's near Sioux City. Oelwein Netflix's "House of Cards" season 3: Oelwein Cougars they're actually the Huskies among several references to Iowa as presidential campaign gets under way. Fictional stand-in for Lenox and Taylor County, where the horror movie was filmed.

Pierce is the earliest president not to have an actual Iowa county named for him. Sounds like it could be a good generic "fictional Iowa county" for other works.

Oskaloosa Song "I've Been Everywhere": Little Rock, Oskaloosa, Tennessee Hometown of Cpl. Setting for movie starring Roseanne Arnold when she was married to Tom. Paton Saving Private Ryan Based on Mason City. Riverside Birthplace of Captain James T. Alluded to in Star Trek IV: I only work in outer space. Scenes set in Iowa, further enshrining Riverside in the canon. In the Mirror World, Scudder encounters the Orinocasa civilization of warrior-like women. Intent on killing him, they have a change of heart when seeing one of his mirrors. Fascinated by them, he becomes a local celebrity, crafting mirrors for them.

Intent on returning to his criminal ways, Scudder requests a copy of his Mirror Master costume be made for him and begins plotting things to steal. However, the telepathic Orinocas bring him everything he wants before he can steal them. Frustrated at his inability to be a thief again, he decides to return to Earth. However, he is unable to use mirrors for this purpose. And of course, he developed super speed. What are the odds? Pretty good, apparently.

Young Wally West was doused in chemicals and became Kid Flash. Barry was not the original Flash, but was a fan. Unlike the first fastest man, Jay Garrick, Barry decided he had better wear a mask to conceal his identity.

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