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The East is at the top, with Asia occupying the top half of the "globe" orbis. In the theatre, comedy, tragedy, mime and dance are covered. Urine urina gets its name either from the fact that it can burn urere the skin or, Isidore hedges, that it is from the kidneys renes.

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By the same token, Isidore's work was phenomenally influential throughout the West for 1, years, 'a basic book' of the Middle Sevikle, as one scholar put it, second only to the Bible. The wind is called ventus in Latin as it is angry and violent vehemens, violentus. The Latin for buttocks is clunis as they are near the large intestine or colon colum. Games with boards and dice are described. The electric ray torpedo is called that because it numbs torpescere, like "torpid" anyone who touches it.

Seville dating Isidore etymologies online

Isidore is the master of bricolage On chronology, Isidore covers periods of time such as days, weeks, and months, solstices and equinoxes, seasons, special years such as Olympiads and Jubilees, generations and ages. His word derivations are not based on principles of historical linguistics but follow their own logic Diaz y Diaz have between and supervised the production of the first five volumes of the Etymologies in the Belle Lettres series "Auteurs Latins du Moyen Age", with extensive footnotes. He covers the letters of the alphabet, parts of speech, accents, punctuation and other marks, shorthand and abbreviations, writing in cipher and sign language, types of mistake and histories.

It was one of the most popular compendia in medieval libraries.

Europe is separated from Africa by the Mediterranean, reaching in from the Ocean that flows all around the land. Isidore describes standards, trumpets, weapons including swords, spears, arrows, slings, battering rams, and armour including shields, breastplates and helmets. Metals include gold, silver, copper, iron, lead and electrum.

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