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And that really might kill Press corner coffee phan van dating privacy for good. Even where they outperform us, their discoveries will only be useful if we can make sense of them and apply them. We already use tools that do things no human could, and whose workings no one person understands. Aside from stirring memories ofit seemed a bad omen for crucial climate negotiations in Paris in December. But to keep boosting prosperity, China, like all rich countries, must shift to an economy governed by consumer spending, innovation and service industries — which means less CO2. So that is unlikely to change now, says Li.

But manufacturing, coal and oil were worst hit, while service industries were fine. Rather than climate, it could point to another global problem. More evidence emerged last month that market crashes self-organise when investors Press corner coffee phan van dating, copying each other rather than responding to outside information. Although Kelly approves of stricter measures, he points out that current plans still involve charging the owners of vehicles to drive in the zone. That may not put the 2X ahead, however. Instead, D-Wave gave its machine 20 microseconds of calculation time to reach some solution, and the regular computers had as long as it took to find a solution of equivalent quality.

Finding the best answer would take much longer. Canadian company D-Wave Systems claims that its new quantum computer, the D-Wave 2X, is up to 15 times faster than regular PCs, but some outside experts say the latest test is not a fair comparison. Quantum computers promise massive speed-ups over ordinary machines by using qubits, which can be both a 0 and a 1 at the same time. D-Wave put the 2X through its paces with a series of benchmark tests based on solving random optimisation problems, and compared the results against specialised optimisation software running on an ordinary PC. Launched inthe scheme was projected to deliver drastic reductions in polluting particles.

He and his colleagues also tracked the respiratory health of US fires rage on NOT out of the woods yet. Wildfires in the US Pacific Northwest have stayed one step ahead of forecasting models designed to help fight them, because of wind and dry wood. Huge areas are burning in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Two research groups have now made stable versions of one such protein. Mice, monkeys Science, doi. TIME to turn the tables on flu. The virus fools our bodies into never becoming fully immune — but the search for a universal flu vaccine is a step nearer to success. In its Brian Daniels of the Penn Cultural second run, it will collect data Heritage Center at the University of on the highest-energy collisions Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

They say clouds of electrons created by ionised gas in the beam chamber and microscopic dust particles — UFOs — are interrupting the beams and making it harder to get the LHC running consistently. The team is only a few weeks behind schedule in preparing beams for the experiments. Michael Danti, academic director at the Syrian Heritage Initiative in Boston, expects that ISIS will continue to set the explosives off in the coming weeks, destroying the surviving archaeological features. His team is working with museums and locals in parts of Syria not controlled by ISIS to help repair combat damage such as lost doors and windows, and restore structural integrity to buildings that are at risk.

Not so, said Stephen Hawking this week. The tendrils of the vine Cayratia japonica are more likely to coil around neighbouring plants than other parts of its own vine Proceedings of the Royal Society B, DOI: Ice sheet breakup A If so, it could be the largest calving event seen from this sheet. But four out of five large studies have now suggested that our chance of getting dementia by any particular age is less than that of previous generations. Better physical health could explain the improvement. Kiwis cull wrong bird Oops. There are thought to be only around 80 or so left in the wild and some in total. The birds were apparently mistaken by hunters for pukekos, which are being culled because they harm endangered birds.

The cull has since been stopped. Think of everything that but not Mercury or the moon. Only a your parents met, a particular fraction of the gas within all the sperm fertilised a particular galaxies in the cosmos has cooled egg, ultimately giving rise to enough to start collapsing, so the specific sequence of genes stars and planets will continue that is you. Getting a better a whole, then you also need to picture of our galactic neighbours helps put our solar system into context, says Peter Behroozi of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. The result is a formula that tracks the growth in the number of planets in the universe over time arxiv.

It suggests there are currentlyor billion billion, Earthlike planets in the universe, with an equivalent number of gas giants. Suppose intelligent life is so rare that Earth is the first planet in the universe to evolve a civilisation — an almost ludicrously conservative assumption. Then the sheer number of future Earth-like planets means that the likelihood of us being the only civilisation the universe will ever have is at most 8 per cent. If we find just one other inhabited planet in the Milky Way, the number of other such worlds rockets up. Such a discovery, together with the unlikeliness of our galaxy being the only one to host life, would make Earth at least the 10 billionth civilisation in the universe at present.

Despite this abundance of other Earths, the odds of there being an exact carbon copy of our world are so low as to be impossible, just as the genetic lottery will never produce your exact twin in another family. The basic recipe for a solar system reads: Wait patiently for another few million years as this clumps up to form planets. But the details of how this process plays out are still a mystery. One way to study it is through computer simulations of swirling particles. Set them up with different initial conditions, and rate how closely the resulting planets match what we find in our solar system.

It turns out that even nearidentical starts lead to different outcomes, as Volker Hoffmann at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and his colleagues have discovered. Previous work shows that Jupiter and Saturn formed earlier than the other planets, and that their gravity had a large influence on the rest of the solar system. The team ran all three scenarios 12 times with slightly different initial conditions, each simulation requiring a month of computing time. They found that if just one planetesimal was moved by a millimetre, an entirely different set of worlds emerged arxiv.

This was surprising, Hoffmann says, but it makes sense because the planetesimals can interact in many ways, so the situation is inherently chaotic. Working with Mario Livio at the Space Telescope Science Institute, Martin has compared data on the known exoplanets, plus likely but unconfirmed candidates seen by Kepler, with planets in our solar system. Their aim was to see if anything stood out as unusual arxiv. For the most part, ours is a bogstandard system, but a few aspects raise an eyebrow. Mercury is our innermost neighbour, yet it lies beyond the average orbital distance for exoplanets, suggesting our solar system is unusually stretched-out.

Alternatively, that could be down to observational biases. Even smaller changes can probably give rise to the same chaotic effects, says Hoffmann, so adding just one extra molecule to the early solar system could mean the Earth never formed. But, slightly counter-intuitively, the simulated solar systems end up looking quite similar, the exceptions being the simulations with no gas giants. These end up with around 11 rocky planets, most of which are less than half the mass of Earth. They can —Planet-building is just taking off— because it means life is abundant be rocky or gassy, depending on their density, and seem to be very common in other star systems.

Taken together, all this research into exoplanets may herald another Copernican-like revolution, as we realise just how mundane Earth is. The received wisdom is clear: This collective shrug is the result of security fatigue, says privacy researcher Helen Nissenbaum of New York University. The companies who store our data have all the power, but the responsibility for protecting it has been placed on individuals. We are simply meant to have faith that the trade-off of our data for what the company offers us is worthwhile, she says. It is certainly worthwhile for the companies.

Sliced and diced and sold to third parties, data can be a bounteous cash cow. What you get out of the deal is less clear.

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Some researchers cofffee you should revoke some of that trust. He says people will start to avail themselves datnig smarter ways of disguising illicit behaviour. Question of risk Instead of people storing and sending unencrypted nude photos, Szczypiorski thinks steganography will become more popular — embedding a nude Prdss inside an anodyne picture of ducks at a park, say. It would be the can damage not only the lives of online equivalent of squeezing people whose details are stolen, toothpaste back into the tube. Ashley Madison may share it with someone, they can not fare so well.

Anyone can use the according to IT market research Enigma protocol, Pentland says, company Research. So what will happen when companies lose including Netflix, banks and health providers, but you would their appetite for storing data? Several protocols are in the You would have the power to give works that would change the way personal data is stored. Instead of permission to third parties to run queries on it, and the power to simply throwing up our hands in revoke that at will. Officials are warned that the hackers will target the victims for blackmail. Sony — November Five Sony Entertainment films are leaked and thousands of internal documents published.

The data included private email messages. The hack has been implicated in two suicides. The system is based on the antifraud record securing bitcoins. Anyone who owns bitcoins has an exact copy of the blockchain, making forgeries impossible and removing the need for third parties like PayPal to verify online transactions. Pentland and his colleagues have turned that same public ledger into an access control manager that tracks and verifies your personal data and any queries, permissions and shares. Projects are under way at IBM and Microsoft, whose proposals resemble e-wallets that hold your data for queries but never for direct access or storage.

A version of Enigma will be available later this year, and if such services take off, you truly will be responsible for your own data. At that point, the warnings to guard it will make more sense. This wormhole is no space-time portal, but it allows a magnetic field to disappear and re-emerge elsewhere. But external fields can distort those inside the hose, so to look like a worm hole the hose has to be invisible to other probing fields. The team nested the hose inside a sphere of superconducting strips to deflect incoming fields.

Such a wormhole could help cloak MRI scanners from other magnetic fields, Sanchez adds. The magnetic wormhole is an impressive demonstration of the power of metamaterials, says Matti Lassas at the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. According to Glein, conditions were particularly favourable for the formation of key chemicals like glyceraldehyde, one of the precursors of RNA and DNA, and pyruvate, which is important for cell metabolism. Conditions would have been very different in the ancient hydrothermal vents, where the water reacted with the rock through a process called serpentinisation.

That created an environment part of the sea floor in an area rich poor in oxygen, but rich in in hydrothermal vents. Because hydrogen, iron and sulphur. Yet biological processes appear to have played no part in forming the lifefriendly chemicals discovered in a pocket of water that last saw the light of day 1. That lends weight to the idea that reactions around deep-sea vents were what kick-started life. Barbara Sherwood Lollar at the University of Toronto in Canada and her team discovered the water a few years ago, oozing out of the rocky walls deep in the Kidd mine near Timmins in Ontario.

Chemical analysis suggested that the water had been sealed away inside a cavity in the rock. The water appears to contain no life — making it an extremely rare find. Originally the rocks formed The baffling, trivial, curious, or strange. Find the answers to the microscopic Why do sand particles on a beach seem to reach a certain grain size and then reduce no further? Luana Colloca at the University of Maryland in Baltimore wondered if another hormone known to affect social interactions, vasopressin, might have a similar effect.

To investigate, she gave women and men electric shocks to their fingers. The intensity of the shock was tailored to each individual so that they all reported the same, moderate level of pain. Octopuses have siphons on the side of their body. They normally expel water through these to propel themselves along. This may be the first use of projectile weapons seen in octopuses. In reality, the intensity never changed. The team compared the pain ratings of the volunteers when they were shown a red light to their scores when they saw a green light.

Any difference represents a placebo effect. Everyone experienced the placebo effect, but it was most pronounced among women given vasopressin Biological Psychiatry, doi. It turns out that they are tapioca noodles that merely look like silkworms, and are coated with a thick coconut sauce, pickled vegetables, a pork meatball, some pork sausage, and more. Unsurprisingly, I returned quite a few times before I left town. While available throughout Saigon, usually on the street, the restaurant below has indoor long table seating and waitresses in quintessentially bright Vietnamese daytime pyjamas. No one spoke English on my visits, but pointing at the bot chien ought to do you fine.

The two are very different soups. Bun bo Hue is made with lemongrass and chilli, its broth both citrusy and strong, laden with thick cuts of meat. Paprika or anatto oil render the broth its fiery orange colour, and fermented shrimp paste lends a complicated layer of taste, one my Western palate was not acquainted with before trying the soup. As with many of the meals in Hanoi that were taken to Saigon, what is normally a breakfast or early lunch food up north is an all-day treat in Saigon. While some bun cha joints are open early only, most will be full around lunch and dinnertime as well, hungry diners piling bowls with fresh herbs and smoky pork.

This dish, a fave among my friends, comprises seasoned pork patties and thin slices of pork belly, both grilled until crispy and served in a bowl with sweet fish sauce, slices of young papaya and carrot, and garlic. To eat, a bit of everything goes into your serving bowl: When I describe bun mam to friends — a noodle soup with a fermented fish broth and seafood and pork belly and so much more — I watch their faces fall. This bun mam stand is also close to Ben Thanh market, but it is often full of locals. Tourists walk by with a concerned and curious look on their face, but rarely stop in.

The portions are generous and the ingredients very good quality, so I have no problem paying a bit more. Bun Mam Dac San 22 Phan Boi Chau, District 1 Bun Moc Bun moc, photo courtesy of Vietnam Coracle Bun moc has been my go-to soup when I had no idea what else to eat, when my tastebuds were overwhelmed with the variety of other meals throughout the day and just wanted a simple bowl, with savoury pork and mushroom broth. The soup is topped with fried shallots and fresh cilantro. Suffice it to say that this pungent crab and tomato soup is incredible, and the version in the photos above address below is not as strongly fishy as some of the others in town.

Grilling the thit nuong, marinated pork. Cha gio, fried spring rolls. And ridiculously good. Abbreviated as BTN by friends, this dish is found throughout the city and combines all of the satisfying textures you might want for lunch in one heaping bowl of food.

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You top it with spoonfuls of sweet fish sauce and chilli, letting the sweet and pungent liquid seep into every bit of your food. There are a myriad of BTN places that I frequent and enjoy, but the one below is my favourite because the spring rolls remain the most satisfying. The result is a thin and crispy outside layer and extraordinary spring roll. This sweet and sour soup with rice paddy herb and pineapple, fish and tomatoes, can be found along the street in the Mekong, but rarely as street food in District 1.

This restaurant, which also serves some good chicken dishes and fried fish, provides a heaping bowl — photo is above. Order with a side of white rice to make it into a full meal. Not everyone enjoys bitter tastes, but for those who do: It is then tied together and cooked in a clear broth, topped with cilantro for serving. For those heading to the restaurant below, you can order with some pork chops for the table, or with just a side of rice. The stall below is actually run by one gentleman — sometimes aided by his son — and his bowls of desserts, so you can pick and choose different options, including taro with coconut milk che khoi mon.

A very popular Saigon lunch or dinner sometimes breakfast toothis rice and grilled pork chop meal will fill you up quickly and cheaply. You will also get a spoonful of green onions fried in pork fat atop the chop itself, as well as some crispy pieces of pork rind. Served with a tiny pile of pickled vegetables, and usually a small bowl of light broth on the side. For those even hungrier, try com suon op la grilled pork chop over rice with a fried egg. So good. Com Tam Ca kho to, braised claypot catfish, from the best com tam joint in town.

It is a street food staple in Saigon, found on almost every corner in one form or another. The broken rice is kept to the side, with a glass shelf holding the stars of the lunch show: Some of the restaurants also give you a banana as dessert. A favourite with com tam is ca kho to, photo above, a rich braised catfish dish. The best advice I can give is go in a group and order to share. The restaurant below is owned by Hai of Eating Saigon blog belowand provides a field trip out of District 1 and some terrific food.

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