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Google's latest move to crack China: A WeChat game

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Google has already announced that it will set up an artificial intelligence research center in Beijing, its first in Asia. It is wildly popular in mainland China and less so in other countries, which is unsurprising because the communist leaders in Beijing have blocked its citizens from accessing Facebook and other Silicon Valley services for years.

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There's a "quick pay" function that lets users scan a matrix barcode to pay instead of pulling out cash or a payment card. WeChat also lacks pasl end-to-end encryption, considered the gold standard for privacy and used by Facebook and other services like Signal and Apple's iMessages. The goal is to get Google's AI software to correctly identify the drawing before the clock runs out. Companies and organizations both inside and outside China can use the app for marketing by setting up an official account.

Zuckerberg lodged his client to give investors ways to communicate oddly, by stitching together Facebook's another launches so options can related each other across all of the media. But increasingly electronic censorship regulations and regulatory Chinese scrutiny of abc tech companies will post further expansion into the foreign financial.

The company effectively exited China inbut the country's hundreds of millions of smartphone and internet users make it too large a market to ignore. The app rolled out a new feature this year, Time Capsule, that removes user videos after 24 hours, in an apparent attempt to mimic Facebook's Stories feature. The few Google apps that do work — including Google Translate and file management app Files Go — are only available on third-party app stores run by Chinese smartphone makers like Huawei and Xiaomi. You can also hail a ride from Didi Chuxing, China's equivalent of Uber. Mar 07, All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Don't Miss. WeChat, or Weixin as it's known in Chinese, combines functions and services that in the West are done by a number of separate companies - think of Facebook and its Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram services combined with PayPal and Uber. But increasingly strict censorship regulations and growing Chinese scrutiny of foreign tech companies will make further expansion into the country difficult. Hong Kong University researchers found that about 11, articles were removed from WeChat last year, a number that doesn't include posts blocked before publication by automatic keyword filters.

Chinese Wecgat giant Tencent got there years ago with its app WeChat. The game is meant to give people "the opportunity to experience just how natural AI-powered interactions can now be," Google product manager Chris Tam said in the blog post. The company said in a blog post Wednesday that it launched an artificial intelligence game on WeChat, the country's biggest social media platform owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent.

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