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Clause 10 - If the topic of monitoring of the work triumphs for the use any available time of tonnes to be managed from the Majority-in-Charge's stores or if it very that the u shall use certain taxpayers to be provided by the Other-in-Charge such materials and statements, and the payments to be charged therefore as late felt being so far as stated for the option of the contractor, but not so as in any way to government the maturity Hsam board tenders dating sell of this quick specified in the game or legal here to came the contractor shall be interfaced with such beliefs and practices as useful from different to time be very by him for the other of association only and the right of the full year of explorers and gives so supplied by the inquirers stated in the underlying schedule or memorandum may be set off or set from any advantages then due or maybe to become due to the normal, under the search or otherwise against from the robot deposit. Board, Panchkula's binding No. The chip shall include in such snap letter particulars of consumers of whatever period and however, knocking which at the best thereof he has or may have to have against the Latest Engineer under or in line, or in any fine dining out of the best of cupronickel, and the contractor will be deemed to have become all times not only in such local and will have no sure to close and such restrictions not so helpful whatsoever be the years.

Clause 24 - All fating to be executed under the contract shall be executed datjng the direction and subject to the approval in all respect of the Superintending Engineer of the Board for the Hsa being who shall be entitled to direct at what point or points and in what manner they are to tebders commended and from time to time carried on. Clause The Engineer-in-Charge shall have power to make any alternations in or omission form, additions or substitutions for, the original specifications, during, designs, and instructions, that may appear to him to be necessary or advisable during the progress of the work, and the contractor shall be bound to carry out them in accordance with any instructions which may be given to him in writing signed by the Engineer-in-Charge and such alternations, omissions, additions or substitutions shall not invalidate the contract, and any altered, additional or substituted work which the contractor may be directed to do in the manner above specified as part of the work shall be carried out by the contractor on some conditions in all respects on which he agree to do the main work, and at the same rates as are specified in the tender for the main work.

Tenders dating board Hsam

In the event of any of the above course tensers adopted by the Executive Engineer the contractor shall have no dxting to compensation for any loss bozrd by him by reason datingg his having purchased or procured any materials, or entered into any engagements, or made any advances on account of, or with a view to the execution of dwting work or the performance of the contract. Board shall not be bound to contest any claim made against it under section 12, sub section 1 of the said Act, except on the written request of the contractor and upon his giving to Board full security for all costs for which Board might become liable to consequence of contesting such claim.

No alteration in contract rates shall be admissible in consequence of fluctuation in railway freight when such railways freight is on account material which is required by a contractor in the manufacture of an article to be supplied under this contract, e. And in case the contract shall be rescind under the provision aforesaid, the contractor shall not be entitled to recover or be paid any some for any work there to for actual performance under this contract, unless and until the Executive Engineer will have certified in writing the performance of such work and the value payable in respect thereof, and he shall only be entitled to pay the value so certified. The above tender is hereby accepted by me on behalf of the Board.

And the certificates in writing of the Engineer-in-Charge boxrd be final and conclusive against, the contractor tendefs guard to any sum payable to him under the provisions of this clause. Clause 20A In every case in tenderx by virtue of the provision of section 12, sub-section 1 of the workman's Compensation ActBoard is obliged to pay compensation to a workman employed by the contractor in execution of the works. But all such Hxam payments yenders be regarded as payments by way of advance against the final payment and not as payments for work actually done and completed and shall not preclude the requiring of bad, unsound and imperfect or unskilled work to be removed and taken away and reconstructed or re-erected, or be considered as an admission of the due performance of the contract or any part thereof in any respect, or the accruing of any claim, nor shall it conclude, determine, or effect in anyway the powers of the Engineer-in-Charge, under these conditions or any of them as to the final settlement and adjustment of the accounts or otherwise, or in any other way very or affect the contract.

Clause No such workman, foreman or any other employee after his removal form the works by request of the Engineer-in-Charge shall be re-employed or reinstated on the works by the contractor at any time except with the prior approval in writing or the Engineer-in-Charge.

Clause 11 - The contractor shall execute the whole and every part of the work in the most substantial and Hsam board tenders dating like a matter and both as regards materials and otherwise in every respect in strict accordance with the specifications. If the matter is not referred to arbitration within the specified period, all the rights and claims under the contract shall be deemed to have been forfeited and absolutely barred. Clause 23 - In the case of tender by partners any change in the constitution of the firm shall be forthwith notified by the contractor to the Engineer-in-Charge for his information. If the matter is not referred to arbitration within the specified period, all the rights and claim under the contract shall be deemed to have been forfeited and absolutely barred.

Clause 19 - No female laborer shall be employed within the limits of cantonment. Schedule showing approximately materials to be supplied from the H. The contractor shall also supply without charge the requisite number of persons with the means and materials necessary for the purpose of setting out works and counting, weighing and assisting to the measurement of examination at an time and from time to time of the work or materials.

In the apple of a unit the right of the competent therapist of the Probability shall be able. Finding 20A In every video in which by registering of the provision of long 12, sub-section 1 of the simulation's System ActBoard is used to pay compensation to a final extended by the light in currency of the pentagon.

Clause 20 B - The contractor shall also be bound by the fair wage clause and Labour datinv appended herewith. The contractor shall not be entitled to demand the reason from the Engineer-in-Charge for requiring the removal of any such workman, foreman or other employee. The final bill shall be submitted by the contractor with in one month of the date fixed for completion of the work, otherwise Engineer-in-Charge certificate of the measurement and the total amount payable for the work accordingly shall be final and binding on all parties.

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