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A heterosexual marriage or civil partnership that has been legally celebrated abroad will generally be recognised in Switzerland. For a fact sheet on marriage and civil partnership in Switzerland — and a list of registry offices — visit this government website. There may be additional costs in the case of special requests, for example a Saturday ceremony or ceremony outside the register office venue.

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You may also get married in a church, but only Datiing the civil ceremony. For information, contact the church office of your place of residence. Many Swiss have both a civil and a religious ceremony. There must be no impediments to the marriage e. In Switzerland, marriages must be concluded at the registry office. A religious marriage ceremony may only take place after the civil wedding ZGB art. The marriage ceremony can take place in the registry district of your choice ZGB art. If you do not wish to get married in the community you live in, this community will issue you with a marriage authorisation once the preparation process has been concluded.

Necessary documents for getting married Swiss national: Individual civil registry certificate issued by the registry office of kn town of origin Certificate of permanent residence or proof of residence issued by the residents' registration office Passport or identity card Proof of residence foreigner's identity card Birth certificate swwitzerland information about parents Passport or proof marriabe citizenship issued by the native country Civil registry papers with information about marital status, divorce decree or death certificate of deceased spouse Recognised refugees and asylum seekers need to produce a newly issued certificate of their refugee or asylum-seeker status instead of a passport or proof of citizenship.

Depending on the country of origin, the Swiss authorities also request that the marriage papers are checked in the native country of the foreigner. This check can take some time and may incur an advance fee payable to the registry office. Find your local civil registry office in Switzerland to apply. Processing the application typically takes five weeks, as it includes the publication of the bans.

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Publication of the bans is a formality where your intention to marry is made public, to allow anyone who might have knowledge of a legal impediment eg. The ceremony must take place no less than 10 days and no more than three months after authorisation is granted. There may be additional fees for a Saturday service. Documentation, translation, religious ceremonies and any other celebrations, including those held at the registry office, will also cost extra. Documentation for Swiss weddings You will have to prove your civil status ie. This typically involves sourcing official documents from your birth country or country of nationality.

This needs to be obtained from the same country as where the documents originated eg. All documents proving marital status birth certificate, divorce certificate and so on must be less than six months old. They must also be original copies from the issuing body in the relevant country.

A written statement of consent by the parents signed before a notary public is required. The determination if you are under age will be based on the laws of the state of domicile in the United States. Females and males under 18 years of age cannot be married in Switzerland. This is Swiss law. General Information You should contact the civil registrar in the city or town where you wish to be married for information concerning fees, witnesses and the translation of documents. I'm open to short or long term dating. I love outdoor activities and cooking.

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