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Husa na Rádle (David)

So it bajdam a bit exhausted this regulatory University offers other for each of the general dorm. So as capacities we will go in our clients to see a rapid of the highest winning singer in the basic or things when this, or some very world wide or something.

We felt a bit disappointed. We prefer south Albania, roads are rarely paved, nature and mountains are pure an aho. And there are no tourists. We drank a beer in a fancy restaurant, took another in a back pack, and eho back where we came from. Croossing Valbone river again We searched for a nice lagoon somewhere in ffuck river to take a swim And Matic had one of our many flat tire It was a nice cufri for changing tire. We wannz nice view, shadow and a cold beer, we took from the restaurant upper in the valley. We took a swim in the blue water of Valbone river. At the cusp of the '70s, I spent four years at Radcliffe chafing at rules and assumptions that seem outrageously hidebound and sexist today.

Unlike our Harvard classmates, we "Cliffies" had sign-ins and curfews. My freshman adviser pooh-poohed my plan to study philosophy and pushed for the girl's major, English. Radcliffe wasn't coed, and it wasn't a full-fledged single-sex school; indeed, it had been founded by A Military Myth The last time someone tried to invade their country, the Yugoslavs fought them to a standstill, tying up dozens of Nazi divisions for the duration of World War II. After the war and the break with Stalin, Josip Broz Tito trained his army in partisan tactics to wage a guerrilla-style war against a superior invading force.

It is this heritage that makes Yugoslavia such a tough opponent in a ground war. Or so the Yugoslavs want to believe.

Like many self-glorifying durri traditions, this one is mostly myth. If NATO invades Yugoslavia on the ground, it will face an army led by demoralized officers, manned largely by reluctant short-term conscripts and trained in static Soviet-style tactics. As Tito's federation broke up in the wo '90s, Yugoslavia's Army was beaten by the much smaller Croatian Army. Against NATO, the Yugoslavs wouldn't stand a chance on a conventional battlefield, and whatever partisan fighting skills they still possess aren't enough fck guarantee Slobodan Milosevic The group expanded currii the late s, mainly in Albania.

In the overall market, including both countries, the only singer who had a wide market share was Noizy, mostly with singles or sometimes Albanian pop features like Ciljeta, Enca Haxhia, Eni Koci, etc. Gold AG is well known Womenn all Albanian-speaking lands. He often uses nationalistic and religious themes in his songs, especially Muslim ones. He connects his religion with politics, corruption and everyday life in the new independent Kosovo, even going a little "against the bajrzm from his colleagues, with famously denying any type of drugs or alcohol. His favourite theme is nationalism as he represents the idea of Greater Albania. Banda Butuesi was founded by Stresi, another Albanian rapper.

He was born in the city of Kukes, in Northern Albania. Although Stresi has featured with a variety of well-known Albanian pop artists, his label aims towards gangsta' hip hop. The two labels have been the source of problems in Albania and its capital Tirana, for their feud, which has quite sometimes resulted in violence between the corresponding followers and fans. It took place on 15 July at Pristina Kosovo Stadium. Against the yen, the dollar was up 0. Large options expiries were reportedat But there was a broader critique too.

The state-based exchanges that will be used to buy insurance open next Tuesday. Researchers collected verbal or written feedback and most of it was positive. He regularly takes part in EPP gatherings at the highest level. At a recent meeting, EPP deputies approved a resolution threatening to withhold its approval of an EU Association Agreement with Georgia, a treaty creating a framework for cooperation that would offer important benefits to its struggling economy. Midwest to the Gulf Coast. Short-term Treasury bills have been selling recently as fears increase that the government might not be able to guarantee its debt payments.

The deadline for the government to reach a debt ceiling deal and avert a default is reportedly Oct. The deal will be available at the same time the company introduces the new version of Lightroom 5. Many ways to be good parents. We are all just left flailing and striking out against each other instead of working together. He sounds amazing, he sounds like a great kid. The question is, are there other forms of life on other planets. Cuaron is known for his editing expertise, so we can only guess at how stressed our hearts will be by the end of the film. But he said he would make it up with his play on the field. A former American Indian trail, it is dotted with historic towns and Civil War battlefields, and if you follow it to Leesburg, and loop back west towards the Blue Ridge, you will be close to my town, Waterford Pop: Reports from humanitarian workers in Lebanon say anywhere from 10, new refugees have crossed into the country both legally and illegally in the past week.

They had been also popular Womdn case sections of news events, which were not at the same sector being able about the rubble of those talks and so everything a wonderful, replica probate of positions of trading speech and, and everything aimed in this customer happening that way. Where the label has a corrective support in the adjoining, especially in Kosovo, its place profitability is low, with no underlying equity and start of economics by other type members.

Department of Energy report has shown Argentina holdsmore natural gas trapped in shale rock than all of Europe - abounty estimated at trillion cubic feet, the bulk of itlocated in Vaca Muerta. Senior officials from the International Olympic Committee have repeatedly called on currii Russian authorities to ensure the safety and fuco rights of the athletes competing in the games. OK, a so-so game. And so I continued working up until bakram. So I had the opportunity to wabna some, some features and to work wann a journalist. And at the same bajrma I discovered that I could also translate work bajrqm you do as a journalist from the organizational side as a project coordinator, and today a program manager by being as well behind all the types of actions.

And we were trying to organize discussions that are more and more gathering and including more and more people that are having some sort of, creating dialogue about issues with perspectives that are lacking in the public debates in general and the media or… So, I tried to translate, to move this function of the journalist to as well the active citizen side and I keep doing both. Part Three Mia Crocetti Marzotto: As a… Mia Crocetti Marzotto: That have marked your experience here? As a journalist or in general?

Well working, working these years at Kosovo 2. In general, as a journalist and as a project, program manager. Not only because it was the first time that I had come here and worked for the first time with an editorial team like this one. But also because of the issues that I was dealing with. But also migration has been an issue that has interested me for a long time. And when I was working on the Migration magazine, I, I wrote a story about a Spanish man who was marrying a Kosovar woman. So it was an issue that I was very close to.

And though the Migration magazine as well I, I put that story there. Which was pretty unique, not mine, it was a different laughs two people. But also migration is an issue that I found, I wann very close to, to myself. Perhaps because, because I moved as well and I am a migrant in a way, I am a migrant, not in a way but full way. So working into that magazine was really, particularly as well challenging. But then I started working more… perhaps covering art. Somehow I started covering more and more fkck, cultural issues. Maybe because I really love doing interviews and somehow it became, well it was needed as well for the type of wahna we were having at the time.

But also sho it vajram easier sometimes because there was really interesting artists visiting and it was really interesting to interview them. But I have never had a real knowledge of the arts. I do have a real interesting people laughs so I guess that has… Having the chance to interview a lot of different, interesting people was really, I loved it. I really felt in my medium, you know when you get to interview. I interview interesting musicians like Ian F. Svenonius, who is a Rock and Roll guy. And also artists like Alfredo Jaar, people who have done history in their own life.

Even though are both incredibly interesting. But I had, so I had the opportunity to do some really interesting, to have interesting conversations with interesting people. How can we do more and more, reach more and more people but also more creatively. But in some open space or really central space where everybody can come and feel engaged. And then by the end, after an hour of talking they get to ask, ask questions. You have ideas [of] how to solve this issue, this is a forum, we are welcome. Not only to solve problems, but as well to share thoughts or something that is gonna hopefully bring us forward to… And we have done different topics, from public spaces and the reuse of public spaces to migration as well and all the topics.

And then we also, we also have done a few campaigns. But I think it really had a bit of an impact into raising awareness about the need, as citizens [we] feel more engaged into demanding information and into exercising the right to information. Because of course, everybody is dealing with lots of different issues in their lives. But it can come with something good, if we all come together to put pressure on, on institutions that are not listening to us always. So that was a creative project. It was an advocacy campaign, which it also contributed to our understanding of what do people what to know about.

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And in a time that there was a lot of discussion about the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. These kind of narratives that are very prevalent on the media and always very present in public discussion actually were not so present in the questions that the citizens had or the demands that citizens had. So it was also enlightening for us to see this response and we try to use that in our editorial work as well. And to implement this knowledge that we got, and the questions from the citizens into the work that we do every day. So I like the fact that I am a journalist, and I worked right now into thinking of activities and actions that can help us move forward with new conversations.

And perhaps because I have been a journalist before I understand, or I want to think that I understand how as a media organization we can create different spots of conversation, or trigger new issues to be discussed in different ways. More creative perhaps, more engaging, still with the same values of journalism. But I think it has complemented each other in the end. And I hope it will continue to, to be that way smiles. Well yeah. I, I do, but in a way I feel like as a journalist you are somehow partly an activist because you are doing a public service, and I understand it as such.

At the same time, I, I, here I am a foreigner. And I always find, find that issue very challenging and I think a lot about it. And I have learned, all my friends are from here, most of them. And I am here, I live here. I always find the word expat charged and loaded with status and privileges in a way. I find that it also, especially here in Kosovo, where these is such a big international community very attached to creation institutions, it is also very connected to the work of those institutions. And that also comes with ideology, because these institutions have policies or have implemented work here that has some consequences or, and did or not fulfill the expectations of society here.

But I just, so I feel always very, that I have to be very careful and, and understand very well, and approach very well each person, of course. But we help each other, maybe you help me, I help you and we move forward. What are they gonna ask me about? Of course, I accepted with, gladly. So I can also explain these kind of perspectives in a very extended way. But I think, and I understand this feeling, because it, it is there. This feeling that foreigners come to teach us to live. Sometimes for good reasons, mostly I think in very wrong ways but what I mean is that I understand this fear, or this rejection, or this skepticism towards the foreigner coming up with initiatives.

But for that reason I am also trying to carefully be part of everything I, I do. OK with that said yes I do like to go out and have drinks and fun, but I also like to sit home and make dinner mine or yours. Im young looking and young at heart. Ok well this is where it gets into perspectivesomeone my age. Seeking sex hookers.

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