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To keep it going for weeks on end is just not right. When I click with a woman, I stay true to her. Ext ain't about the sex or lack there of. I can wait for as long as she needs. But I cannot stand lying. Especially when she said communication is part of a great relationship. Now you can combine your fingers and your tongue to the ultimate weapon of mass orgasm. Continue to finger her and lick her pussy while you do it. Remember that thing that is hanging out of your mouth? Use your tongue to drive her crazy. The way how most guys understand this is by nervously sliding their tongues from left to right and from the bottom to the top.

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That might work if you are lucky, but in my sloobozia women prefer a consistent rhythm in combination with an up and down movement. Maybe I am wrong about that, but this simple technique never failed me. Let me know if you make the same or a different experience. I remember how we learned all kinds of useless things in our biology classes in high school, but nobody ever taught us something that could actually change our lives. And yes, knowing about the clitoris can and will change your life. For some men that can be a huge life changer. What is the clitoris? For more information you can check out this amazing resource.

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