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Local paddock chairman Mobeen Ghaznavi contracting when the idea broke, families of the movie were offered by vantage in financial areas, in terms of being seen for quick proposals. No was no testimony - whatever anchors were executed to the police officers, I was never got who my abusers were.

Two more civilians were also killed in another region of Kashmir. Pakistan military also claims 7 Indian soldiers have been killed in retaliatory fire, which was not confirmed by India. No casualties were reported on the Indian side. Pakistan's government denied it. Pakistan's foreign office stated that a civilian had been killed while 2 others were injured by Indian shelling in Subzkot in Azad Kashmir while the Associated Press reported that an Indian civilian had been killed in Nowshera. An Indian military spokesman said the action was taken to prevent infiltration of militants into the Indian side.

However, the Pakistani military swiftly rejected the claim as "false". The deceased included a minor. He was grievously injured as a result of Pakistan firing in Naushera yesterday. His condition was said to be stable. The next day, on 26 August, the BSF said that the Pakistani rangers started unprovoked mortar shelling at forward Indian posts in Dewra village of Rajouri's Sunderbani district and in retaliation it "shot dead at least three Pakistan Rangers". Hindustan Times, citing an Indian Army spokesperson, said that Indian troops retaliated and the exchange of firing continued till afternoon. A Defence spokesperson said that Indian troops "retaliated effectively".

The Pakistan Army added that it was engaging Indian posts, and three Indian soldiers were reported killed in addition to five injured during retaliatory firing. An army soldier and a porter later succumbed to their injuries. A defence spokesperson said, "The Pakistan Army initiated unprovoked and indiscriminate firing of small arms and automatics from hours in Krishnagati sector along the Line of Control LoC. During the same time period the Indian government admitted that it suffered 28 soldiers killed in action and a further 70 more wounded in fighting along the Line of Control.

Additionally, the Indian army said it also foiled an infiltration bid, killing 6 Jaish-e-Muhammad militants. It also claimed that it killed three Indian soldiers. In addition, two civilians were killed in the RS Pura sector while eleven others were injured. In addition, 5 civilians were reported wounded. She was reported to have succumbed to her wounds on 28 January. Medical evidence, he said, such as the DNA evidence found in Ansari's case, was needed to make arrests. Police reports claim that, to date, three men have been sentenced to life. More than a dozen people were held for questioning, and 12 were recently acquitted. Residents were less willing to talk to Al Jazeera about the female victims of the ring.

Local council chairman Mobeen Ghaznavi said when the story broke, families of the village were blacklisted by people in surrounding areas, in terms of being approached for marriage proposals. Those who do not understand the intricacies of the legal system are deliberately pressured in court, he said. At the same time, he said, "because the system is so open to abuse and so choked with frivolous allegations, the police often deal with complaints informally, sometimes for the better but also quite often in a corrupt manner". Over two days in late January, Al Jazeera travelled to the village and spoke to some victims and their relatives.

Many of them alleged that the perpetrators continue to live in Hussain Khanwala and intimidate them as cases are ongoing. Below are their accounts in their own words. Until then, I had no idea. He used to steal small things from home - money, his mother's jewellery, for a year or so. He was a good student, top of his class. When the abuse started, he stopped going to school. I would drop him off at school, and he would bunk classes and run away. Later, I found out these men would pick him up from school and take him to go and film whatever they did to him. Eventually, I said: Once, when I came back from the city after 10 days, my entire shop was empty. I asked him: I asked my wife for the money but it was no more than change.

I didn't know at this time he was being abused. That day, he had left halfway through lunch. I looked for him all night and couldn't find him. My son kept running away and different relatives and friends would bring him back. Each time he came back, I would lose more money, so much so that I did not have food to eat.

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Four months after investigators left our village, I found him in Lahore working at a roadside cart selling roasted corn. I brought him back and then he finally admitted he had been giving the abusers everything. But he just couldn't live here. He was distressed seeing them walk around the village; they still taunted and threatened him. He stayed a few weeks, gave his testimony and left quietly. I have no idea where he is. He calls his mother once in a while. After court hearings and testimony recordings, the accused come to my shop and home and threaten to kill me.

I've been threatened that they will pick up my other children, too. We want justice. Who is listening to us? My son lost his entire childhood to this evil. He was not even four years old at the time when he was raped by a boy from the same family that is involved in the cases. I lost more than half an acre of land fighting that case. Those people are used to courts and lawyers. We are not, and, eventually, in order to move on with our lives, we had to withdraw our case because we had no more money. They have made us so helpless, and we know there is no justice in this world for us. They countered with false cases and fake witnesses. The police helps them, not us.

My grandson was raped and I ended up with a fake case against me. What chance is there for justice? We eventually signed a compromise paper to be able to move on with our lives.

Both had quit school to work as apprentices. Neither knew of each other's repeated rapes and extortion until the videos were leaked. Two boys picked me up and took me to a large house in the village. They told me I would have to go every time they called. They called me every two days.

I can't go back to Hussain Khanwala. Who is butterfly to us?.

Initially, I did not know what was being done to me. I knew it hurt. I was raped from the age of 10 to They would inject me, sometimes in the arm. I felt entirely numb and was unable to speak. I couldn't feel anything until it wore off and the pain started. I was neither dead nor alive for a few hours. I went into the courtroom a few days ago and gave my testimony against them.

I was scared. They screamed and shouted at me afterwards. I will keep speaking against them and demand my truth to be heard. They still bother me now, they come and harass me where I work and try and get me to say that I won't say any more.

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