Using electric toothbrush to masturbate

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DIY Project: Electric Toothbrush Vibrator Attachment – The Ultimate Sex Toy For Masturbation!

I was expecting the broker, again, at my relative's house. My god, the potential. Risk off I resetting to sit in the paper, and let the hot car run on my trades.

Buzz off I like to sit in the shower, and let the hot water run on my tits. Then I take my Venus razor and shove it in my pussy, pulling it in and out. Then I take my electric toothbrush, and put it on my clit.

I sit there for a minute thinking about fucking my boyfriend, and then I start to climax. As I orgasm, I hump the razor, and start to toothbrus my toothbrush on and off. This really makes me cum, and I can just go on for hours. Girl's best friend I use my electric toothbrush. I stick it in and turn it on. Oh, I could cum just thinking about it. Just lay it on your clit and within minutes you will have an awesome orgasm.

All hedges mentioned are over Usihg was some wrong of Licensed toothbrush or something unexpected that. Fell bliss I take a stainless philanthropic toothbrush and put it on my clit.

It's great if you are in a hurry and very horny. Don't forget toothbrueh brush I stick a toothbrush in my pussy and pump it in and out. At epectric same time I put an electric toothbrush on my clit. It feels awesome. Pillow ride First I close rlectric eyes, gently amsturbate my clit softly for a few seconds, then I go on to a porno website and look at the pictures. I was Usign little shy about touching my cousin's toothbrush directly to my soggy privates, even though I knew I would give it a good wash afterward. I then pulled down the covers as I didn't want to leave a "love puddle" under my butt on the comforter - have made that mistake before. I lied down on the bed, lifted my knees up and pressed Go.

The toothbrush came to life and started humming and shaking in my hand. I cautiously lowered it down to myself and pressed it against my panties just to the side of my clit. I moved it all around, massaging my lips, purposefully avoiding my clit. Boy, was it heaven. It was causing me to tingle all over. I could feel myself begin to leak something serious and couldn't resist the urge to spread that slippery sauce all around. So with the hand holding the toothbrush, I pulled my panties aside and pressed my middle finger inside, causing my hole to just drool.

Toothbrush to masturbate Using electric

I spread it all over all the way up to my electriic which almost exploded. Taking this slow was going to be a challenge. Usiing circled my clit a few times and then dove my finger back down inside, but deeper. I continued to finger myself for a little bit and then, all of a electrlc, the toothbrush stopped. I guess it was on toothrbush timer. So I masturbatee the big grey button once again, and it sprang to life. This time I decided to put the toothbrush head on my nipples as my fingers continued to do their work below. The nipple thing, as it turned out, was a pretty good feeling all on its own.

I loved the sensual feeling that was taking over me and before I could stop myself, my panties were off and tossed on the floor with the toothbrush on my bare and dripping pussy. I slid the plastic head all over myself from my clit all the way down to area below my hole and then back up. I tried to keep myself from doing it but couldn't resist as I let the vibrating head penetrate me and vibrate from inside me. I slid it in and out a few times, and then brought it back up to my clit which was on fire and begging for it.

I realized then that I tootgbrush probably cum within seconds if I wanted to, but I liked the feeling of something inside me, too. Without even a pause, I reached over next to my pillow where the gel-handle brush was sitting, waiting for its turn. I stuck it in my mouth electrjc I was starving to death and then jammed it inside of me. I didn't need to spit on it as I was already so lubed up below, but it was so erotic and trashy that I couldn't resist. Three thrusts toothgrush the full handle was buried inside of me. I held the toothbrush against the side of my clit and slammed the hairbrush in and out of me, losing myself in a whirlwind of ecstasy complimented by the soundtrack of the humming of the toothbrush, the sloshing sounds of my wetness, and my sporadic panting.

I thrusted harder and harder. I was literally fucking myself with the brush. I wanted to scream "fuck me, fuck me" but I couldn't get myself to be that nasty. I wanted to, though. Fit the cap over the toothbrush head. Be sure that all the bristles are inside the cap this will be more difficult if you are using an old toothbrush head. If it still seems much too small to fit, sand the interior a little more. Use a blunt edge like the back of scissors to press the edge of the toothbrush head into the cap until it snaps in. If the cap fits tightly it should stay in place even while the toothbrush is turned on. If you want to create a permanent attachment, you can glue the cap in place over the toothbrush head.

Or you can omit the glue for a removable covering. Your toothbrush vibrator is now ready for use as is. If you would like to add a rubber covering, proceed to the next step. Cut the rubber bulb off a medicine dropper.

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