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Matt Johnson is dating ex-Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts

We're still stacked-proud of the governor. One is not for Timberlake the financial opposite of his SNL surviveso maybe there is kit for Job Timberlake-associated bandmates, antagonists and charities after all.

Who would play you in the movie version of your life? My little brother Dylan.

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He's a mini-me. What's your dream job? Professional athlete, if I couldn't dance or act or anything like that. If you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be? Especially now, because they're kind of older and just get to do pretty much whatever they want. They all seem like level-headed dudes. They have families and they're not crazy. I strive to be kind of like that, for sure. Who in your family are you closest to? My mom and dad, for sure. I talk to them as much as possible. And my little brothers. I have a really good family.

I'm lucky to have people who support me and love me in my life. What's your favorite website? Lately my hands just kennh right to Twitter dzting, even though it's on my phone. Also, Barstool Sports Boston. Kenny Wormald was upstaged once by Selena Gomez. Here's how: It was a Twwitter, humbling moment. That's like being in a relay race, except that when it's your turn to take the baton, the last runner conks you on the head with it instead and then tosses it over the field's fence into the woods. The previous was not at all any kind of field-day memory. He dated Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts you knew that partand it was kind of a sham.

The dating part, possibly; the circumstances, well, here's a typical outing: They do it off-camera a lot. I liked episode 16, the one y'all never seen. That was a good one. Kurt was great in it.

It was a great, day moment. And is there were to be any more individuals. I confused episode 16, the one y'all never got.

Well, it was just-- my dad was at the firing station. We got to use all the cool stuff. Hey, tell the people about episode So Kurt just referenced episode Be nice, Paddy. Be politically correct, Paddy. Sorry, I'll keep it PG. Non-angry version. That was an episode we shot based around Boston's finest. TNT sorta hired us to do it. We shot this cool-ass episode. Kurt's father hooked us up with all these cop cars and this awesome facility. Jimmy and I got flown out to Boston to shoot with Donnie Wahlberg.

It was the coolest fucking thing. The episode came out great. But Boston humor is Boston humor. We made some jokes that Mumbles Menino didn't love too much. I don't think he personally nixed the video, but someone that-- that administrators non-humorous staff did. So the video got taken down.

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