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Bukka Raya II

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Prior ryaa that there was the issue of Bujka, to east of Vijayanagar,a strategically important kingdom, which the Bahmanis eyed. Deva Raya II succeeded to the throne in and was possibly the most capable of the Sangama dynasty rulers and he quelled rebelling feudal raga as well as the Zamorin of Calicut datign Quilon in the south. Tuluva dynasty — Tuluva was the third dynasty of the Vijayanagara Empire. It ended after a defeat by the armies of Delhi Sultanate, the triumphant army led by Malik Zada sent the news of its victory, over Kampili kingdom, to Muhammad bin Tughluq in Delhi by sending a straw-stuffed severed head of the dead Hindu king. Canals at Hampi One of Aqueducts built during Vijayanagara times.

Both were forced to convert to Islam. Bukka and his brother eventually escaped and retained their Hindu traditions and founded the Vijayanagara Empire under the influence of the Brahmin sage Vidyaranya. His wrong date points to his having partly depended upon the original chronicle of Nuniz, or the summary of it published by Barros; while the rest of the tale savours more of Hindu romance than of historical accuracy.

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He defeated the Shambuvaraya Kingdom of Arcot and the Reddis of Kondavidu by and the region around Penukonda was annexed. Bukka defeated the Sultanate of Madurai in and extended his territory into the south all the way to Rameswaram. During the campaign against Raichurit is said that ,foot soldiers, 32, cavalry, and elephants were used in the battle of Raichur. Finally, in his last battle, he razed to the ground Bukka raya dating fortress of Gulburgathe early capital of the Bahmani sultanate. His empire extended over the whole of South India. In he made his son Tirumala Raya the Yuvaraja though the crown prince did not survive for long.

He was poisoned to death. Suspecting the involvement of TimmarusuKrishna Deva Raya had his trusted commander and adviser blinded. He died soon after in Before his death, he nominated his brother, Achyuta Deva Raya as his successor. Internal affairs[ edit ] During his reign he kept a strict control over his ministers who were severely punished for any misdeeds. Paes summarises the king's attitude to matters of law and order by the sentence, "The king maintains the law by killing. Paes could not estimate the size of Vijaynagar as his view was obscured by the hills but estimated the city to be at least as large as Rome.

Furthermore, he considered Vijaynagar to be "the best provided city in the world" with a population of not less than a half a million. The empire was divided into a number of provinces often under members of the royal family and into further subdivisions. The administrative languages of the Empire were Kannada and Telugu—the latter was also the Court language. Sewe I remark that Krishna Deva Raya was not only a monarch de jure, but he was also a de facto sovereign with extensive powers and strong personal influence. With the active cooperation of Prime Minister Timmarusuhe administered the Kingdom well, maintained peace in the land and increased the prosperity of the people The administration of the empire was carried on along the lines indicated in his Amuktamalyada.

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