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I bought it because its cover caught my eye. The Chinese characters on the front said, spot people! Sure enough it was a Chinese knock-off of a Japanese thing. I expect it cost ten HK dollars which is about a buck fifty. Buck fifty or no, it's one of the most extraordinary things ever. It's not an orgy or a free-for-all.

G with Jjapanese spot. sex

All of the people are directed. They all do the same thing. They start with kissing. After ten minutes, with the cameras wandering through the ranks, the director gives the nod and everyone goes to the next foreplay position. And so on and so on. Ten minutes t each thing, wigh everyone in rows, all facing the same way, all simultaneously progressing through the various positions, man on top, woman on top, etc etc, until everyone spit. nb. And then it's all over bar the mopping up with the thoughtfully provided tissues. At no time is there any artifice, pretence, or bullshit.

The whole thing is shockingly honest. Okay, so this is porn but it's also something else. For mine, this is up there with Christo and Spencer Tunick. As art it's the equal of any of these, albeit splt. the famous backdrops. Wuth objectively, it's like some mad anthropological tableau, a real cultural trip. These people are so polite and considerate of each other! And within these ordered acts of nude uniformity is the wildest array of differences imaginable. I still don't know what to make of it. One could write it off as mere porn, sure.

But this is so unlike anything you've ever seen before, and such a mindfuck, that it's beyond that. It's something else. Forget about it! I don't really want to discuss this particular video. I merely insert the preceding as a preface to the following. Or if you want to view it as me cravenly explaining why I have porn on my hard-drive, you may do so, ha ha. And otherwise, I have no idea if this vid was a big deal in Japan. Perhaps it was run of the mill? Certainly its not-infrequent incidences of female orgasm and ejaculation are. In Japan, that is.

In 'Western' porn which is to say, Jewish porn there's no such thing. What's perfectly unremarkable in Japan is completely and utterly absent in the West. And it's this line of thought that has fired my brain. Okay so I've written about this before. Ever monotonous, me. But here I want to go one step further, make some new connections, and otherwise clarify things. Remember him? Way back when, in the weapons inspection phase after Bush the Elder's Gulf War, he was 'it'. He was the good-looking ex-marine who was stomping all over Iraq searching for WMD's. He was certainly all over the media. I saw him dozens of times and you probably did too. He was savvy, sharp, and pithy.

He was so good that whenever the media needed an expert on WMD's in Iraq, Ritter was the first, and probably the only, name in their rolodex. Cue to a couple of years later and we're in the run-up to the idiot son's Gulf War with a media discussion of same exact subject - WMD's in Iraq. On and on, an endless discussion of how Saddam was going to kill us all. Everyone, except Scott Ritter. And nobody noticed. The only reason I noticed was on account of his name copping a single fleeting mention in a single fleeting newspaper article.

It hinted that Ritter was somehow in disagreement with what JJjapanese US government was telling us. A minor explosion in the head of yours truly. Scott Ritter! Whatever happened to him? Why wasn't he on the telly? And he disagreed about the WMD's? No one disagreed on this! What's going on? Not a sausage. And the media? The media, which apparently loves controversy, was utterly uninterested in a fellow who was, a arguably Jjapanse expert on the topic under jJapanese, b media savvy and camera friendly, with an excellent track record, and c had a controversial view on the biggest topic going. Well, it was impossible if the media is what they say they are.

Allegedly they love controversy. Allegedly they like to get the scoop that no one else gets. Allegedly they love to dig up the truth and win that Pulitzer. Scott Ritter was someone's ticket to all of these things and yet not one single media entity would touch him. The only possible explanation for Ritter's absence is one that pivots on the media as a bloc-media wherein no one may stray from a centrally dictated line. That's the only conclusion possible. Okay, yawn, everyone gets it. It's all old hat. Well it certainly is on this blog, ha ha. But whatever. I just want to hammer home the principle that if one can figure out what's absent in any given media discussion, far more will be learnt than by attempting to analyse what's present.

Or perhaps that should be 'presented'. What's presented is bullshit designed to mislead and confuse.

Whatever isn't there has been disappeared because it will lead us to the truth. Or peace. Or health. Or freedom. Or insert-thing-worth-having-here.

The groups the non-Japanese certificates, withh is are to be learned ignorant of it. At no secret is there any trading, strategy, or donate. It was fun for a while but also I got accustomed of wealth the word 'awesome', and moreover, of the needs intense pornographic nature of most of your conversations.

Certainly everything in the media. For some reason we differentiate the media from Hollywood, from publishing, from games, from the porn industry. This is foolish. They're all the same thing. They all deal with perceptions. And they're all run by same people. Jewish people, natch. To be honest, if the Jewish people had one single talent, it's their ability to posit an imagined reality. No one here will be surprised when I say that, between reality and the Jewish media's posited reality, the latter trumps the former. Just ask the Iraqis! Otherwise you can call this ability lying if you like - no skin off my nose. Nor to Christians Jjapanese sex with g spot. slowly turned into precisely the kind of people that Christ emphatically rejected.

Nor to the world being convinced that usury and money-as-debt are as natural and inevitable as the sunrise. Nothing is left out. Everything is viewed through this Jewish lens. Even sex. Sex is a funny thing. How do we learn about sex? Okay so there's the antiseptic mechanics of it that we're all taught at school. And then It seems that's there's two ways to learn about sex. I appreciate your owning up to a swift read. It's something we all do, but something I find most folks are reticent to admit to. I find taking responsibility a crucial part of social justice, so I wanted to thank you for doing that. Clarisse Thorn on April 26th Having read your description of what you tried, I'm just trying to give some perspective on why you may not have been able to find your g-spot using this vibrator.

Anonymous on April 25th Best, Paulette Clarisse Thorn on April 25th Sorry about that. You're probably aware that there's been a lot of blogging, even in feminist arenas, where women who can't find their g-spots basically default to "well clearly no one has one" with the most heinous example being that ridiculous recent study [ http: So I pretty much skimmed this review, saw that the author was trying the "plug it in and it turns on" method of finding the g-spot, and kind of assumed the rest. Which was lazy, and again, I'm sorry for the assumption. The rest of my comment stands, though. Mandy on April 22nd Clarisse Thorn on April 22nd It's not a "rub it and it turns on" kind of thing like the clitoris.

So there's no wonder that you wouldn't find it by treating it mechanically and seeking it with nothing more than a toy and a bit of free time -- that's a surefire way not to find it. I had a similar experience when I was first trying to find mine, but a few years later I had a boyfriend who knew how to look and did it at exactly the right time, and it was awesome.

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