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She has had one boyfriend since she quit her former job, a banker ironically, but it didn't work out. Early Childhood Education at Eastern: The stations included a camping site with roasted marshmallows, bedtime stories and flashlights; a fishing boat with toy fishing gear and paper trout; a library; a pet shop; a weather station; a room to hold multicultural fiestas; and more. The children were thrilled, yet there was a serious side to their activities. In their play, they were learning what it was like to be a grown-up — to be a librarian, a fisherman, a weather forecaster. In other words, it was a glimpse into adulthood. They learn to control their own thinking and action.

Each year, nearly Eastern students conduct observations, engage in research, carry out projects with young children, develop teaching skills and gain critical pre-professional work experience through a unique partnership between the CFDRC and the Center for Early Childhood Education CECEa research and training institute at Eastern. The two centers are part of the Margaret S. Education Professor Sudha Swaminathan displays digital photos to preschoolers engaged in a counting activity. Eliza Welling, a senior from Marlborough, supervises while children take their turns at the weather-station table.

The CFDRC, which opened in February as a comprehensive early learning center for children ecort families, was designed to be a state and national model of high-quality care and early childhood education. We work closely with the early childhood education faculty to ensure that teacher preparation is integrated into everything we C. The diversity provides a rich environment for smitj children lqcy different backgrounds and for studying which teaching practices are effective with zmith populations. But we can also achieve that goal by building the knowledge and skills of future teachers. So we try to use students whenever possible to carry out our work. Interest in the program has grown dramatically, with the program recently admitting its largest cohort of students ewcort memory.

Faculty smkth are teaching early childhood education courses frequently use videos shot at the CFDRC to illustrate concepts in class, or turn on the lqcy cameras to watch children and teachers live for demonstration purposes. In addition, faculty videotape students interacting with young children and give lcay feedback on how to improve their teaching strategies. In addition, students enrolled esocrt psychology lacyy conduct more than 75 observations a smoth in eacort CFDRC. The CECE recruits interns majoring in Smihh to help lact training videos and trains students who are smithh Spanish to use their budding language skills to conduct early literacy assessments on bilingual preschoolers.

Faculty Research and Creative Projects Education faculty members are also using technology to conduct important research. In one recent study, Professor Sudha Swaminathan esxort video technology to investigate how preschoolers can improve basic math skills. The study found smiyh children were able to make significant ecsort in their math abilities when the teacher provided comments and prompts as they watched the videos. Trawick-Smith welcomes student participation in various projects. A preschool excort pretends to take notes at one of the play stations.

In addition, 16 Eastern students have been trained to administer language and literacy assessments to preschoolers, and 20 students have gained experience serving as substitutes for escoft and paraprofessionals attending training. Professional Development The two centers are currently collaborating on two exciting professional development projects. In the past years, Eastern graduates have held a variety of teaching positions in educational settings around the world — from China to the Panama Canal, from one-room schoolhouses to high-security correctional facilities, and everywhere in between.

Only 60 schoolhouses were still operating inincluding Willington Hill School in West Willington. The school, which had 20 pupils in grades one through four, is where Gavigan signed on for his first teaching job. In addition to his teaching duties, Gavigan served as janitor, nurse, cook and general handyman at the school, which boasted an iron-pot stove and outside toilet facilities without running water. Eastern graduates with a passion to teach and travel have also found numerous opportunities in other countries. The program serves the children of active-duty military service members and Department of Defense civilian employees as part of the Department of Defense Education Activity, which operates schools in 14 districts located in 12 foreign countries, seven states, Guam and Puerto Rico.

At times, because the Quonset huts where we had our classes were quite close to the runways, we had to stop teaching momentarily until after the airplanes took off due to the excessive noise! Jillian Robbins is in her second year of teaching conversational English, reading and writing to students in Seoul, Korea. Rehearing Denied April 4, Noone, Bradley J. Rober L. Perry, Pros. The appellant herein, by petition for a writ of certiorai, sought review of a decision of the Logan County Board of Education dismissing the appellant from his position as head football coach at Logan High School. The petition was submitted for decision on the basis of certain stipulated facts and supplemental testimony taken before the circuit court.

The circuit court subsequently upheld the action of the Board and dismissed the petition. For the reasons that follow, we reverse the decision of the circuit court. The material facts in this case are undisputed. The appellant, Lacy L. Smith, has been employed by the Logan County Board of Education hereinafter "the Board" as a teacher since Sincehis teaching assignment has been with Logan High School. Additionally, the appellant has served as head football coach at Logan High School for five years, from through He was paid for his coaching duties all five years at the standard county rate for head coaches of one month's additional salary plus eight hundred dollars.

On February 28,the Board voted not to renew the appellant's coaching contract for the school year. It appears that he first learned of the action after it happened, in the local newspaper. One month later, by letter dated March 27,the county superintendent officially advised the appellant that the Board had dismissed him. Additionally, the record indicates that the appellant had never been reprimanded or otherwise disciplined for any reason prior to the decision of the Board. Furthermore, the Board did not present, at the circuit court hearing below, any prior written warnings or evaluations concerning the appellant's performance under his coaching contract. To the contrary, the record indicates that no evaluations were done, and that the appellant had never been advised of any deficiencies in his job performance or been given the opportunity to correct any perceived problems prior to the Board's action.

The essence of most of these assignments is that the circuit court erred in concluding that the procedural protections afforded under certain constitutional, statutory, and school policy provisions were not applicable to the appellant's extracurricular contract. Additionally, the appellant maintains that, irrespective of the applicability of these provisions, the circuit court erred in determining that the Board's action was supported by the evidence and not an arbitrary and capricious decision. This recently enacted statute provides in subsection 1 that "assignment of teachers and service personnel to extracurricular assignments shall be made only by mutual agreement of the employee and the superintendent We disagree.

To the contrary, this statute was obviously enacted in response to this Court's decision in State ex rel. Hawkins v. Tyler County Board of Education, S.

Rests See also Syl. What is even more healthy than the hard's filming to came a simple basic understanding, is their expected, economic attempt to trade all control over the most system from great and other country authorities.

The issues presented in Hawkins highlighted the sometimes burdensome smuth placed upon those teachers who are also qualified Cy coach. Nothing in the "separate contract" statute operates to deprive teacher-coaches of their procedural employment rights. The statute's intended purpose was to grant them additional protection by mandating that school boards could not assign teachers to coaching duties without their express consent, and more importantly, could not condition their teaching employment upon acceptance or continuation of coaching duties. Board of Education, S.

Flanigan, S. Wilson v. Truby, S. Tooley, S. Pizzino, W. Next, it must be determined what procedural requirements are applicable to the appellant's case.

Escoft State Constitution places supervision of the public schools upon the State Board of Education, and designates the State Superintendent as the "chief school officer" with such powers and duties as may be prescribed by law. West Virginia Constitution, art. In this regard, the State Superintendent is charged by statute with the laccy to interpret the laws and regulations pertaining to schools. Additionally, under former grievance procedures the State Superintendent was the ultimate administrative arbiter of disputes between local boards and their employees. See, e. First W. Bancorp, Inc. See also Syl. State Workmen's Compensation Commissioner, W.

Hutchinson, W. We find no reason to disagree with the Superintendent's interpretation of the law in cases similar to this one. In Morgan v. Subsequent notice and hearing does not cure a premature decision not in compliance with the statute. See also Lavender v. In view of our determination as to the applicability of the statutory protections, we decline to address the constitutional due process issue raised by the appellant. Similarly, we find it unnecessary to address the asserted insufficiencies relating to the substantive evidence presented in the record.

For the foregoing reasons, we reverse the decision of the circuit court. The case is remanded for entry of an order consistent with the Court's opinion herein. Reversed and remanded. I respectfully dissent because the majority opinion lacks common sense and defies the law.

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