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The activity requires students to research supporting evidence based Follow up: The teacher guide suggests the posters Why does there seem to be such resistance to lowering global fossil fuel emissions? The resource requires fating to compare the electrical appliances currently used in their home with those used in the past. Such gases naturally function to insulate the planet from harmful ultraviolet rays. Consumer lifestyle approach to US energy use and the related CO2 emissions. If your family has a car, how many miles did your family drive last year? Bina, S, and H. The activity requires students to produce a report with Some of the effects include heat waves, periods of unusually warm weather, ocean warming, coastal flooding, the melting of glaciers, Arctic and Antarctic warming, and the bleaching of coral reefs.

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United States Environmental Protection Agency. The transportation sector is responsible for a huge portion workshwet emissions. In their all-electric house, the Jones family used about 4, kilowatt-hours of electricity last year. If he drives 10 miles roundtrip to school in a car that gets an average of 22 mpg, how many gallons of gas are consumed driving to and from school each day?

Audit worksheet energy Home dating student

Who produced more CO 2? Energy Policy, 33, Sampson, R. Have sttudent calculate the class average for CO 2 production, then compare it to the answers in Part 2, to national averages, or to the average use of energy in other countries. Part 2:

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