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This group will follow the same itinerary with a few changes. Please see details below: You will be joining Joe at all the included lunches and dinners. You will also join him at his performance in Rome, at the winery in Tuscany and on the optional trip to Avellino. The itinerary is meticulously crafted by Steve Perillo and his team to run like a 'Swiss Watch' and be lots of fun too! Not only was she super organized and knowledgeable, she was extremely patient! It had a big tropical fish tank, palm fronds and tapa cloth, Japanese glass fishing floats, giant seashells, and dreamy guitars on the sound system.

They don't make kitsch the way they used to! Food was more-or-less Pacific Rim early fusion? Another very special romantic hideaway was The Shadows, tucked away on the eastern slope of Telegraph Hill. The view of the bay, set off by the dim lighting of the elegant dining room, provided the ambience. The food was German with steakhouse leanings. A romantic German restaurant you may ask? Yes indeed, it actually worked.

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