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Battialoa also believe there is nothing wrong with different physically challenged. So you'll also find Batticaloa profiles of men and baatticaloa who are physically Gky. Of course, we have traditional Batticaloa Matrimony as well. Not only does www. Control of her property, however, is in the hands of her guardian, and as the guardianship of a woman passes from the father to the husband, the husband maintains control of her property. Sewking woman cannot invest in the property, mortgage, lease, or sell it without the prior permission of her husband. Thus effective control rests with the husband. A woman who receives a dowry loses her right to inherit parental properties if she has surviving brothers.

Although it appears that women are dealt equitably in terms of inheritance and property under the Muslim law, in actual fact the widower and son get more. Recent research in areas outside the conflict area found that some families treat sons and daughters equally in matters relating to immovable property. The Roman Dutch law governs land rights of all not covered by Tesawalami or Muslim law. Women are assured equality in ownership and there is no gender bias in inheritance rights. The civil law applies to women and men equally. The LDO is gender neutral, but administrative interpretation and practices often favour the male.

A widow or a woman who previously owned land qualifies; however, on remarriage a widow loses the right to cultivate if she has not been nominated, and she cannot nominate a successor. Succession thus has a clear preference for male heirs and violates the principle of gender equality articulated in the Constitution for distribution of state land. Secure land rights are important in the post-conflict situation where large numbers of women have sole or primary responsibility for income generation through cultivation of land or work as agricultural labourers. Land issues are the core of most disputes and surfaced with return of internally displaced persons to their places of origin. Access to common property resources Forest resources in Jaffna peninsula have dwindled; the only forest cover remaining is ha of Casuarina fuel wood plantations.

Water Water availability for cultivation and domestic purposes is a major issue in all locations assessed except in Mannar. Sixty-six percent of the agricultural land in the North East is fed by major irrigation tanks or run-off-river anicut schemes or by shallow open dug wells. Most irrigation schemes suffered war damage and lack of maintenance, and operate at much reduced capacity or provide no irrigation for agricultural production. Many farmers abandoned farming for lack of water. Rather than undertaking grandiose irrigation schemes, the existing wells should be repaired to ensure a regular supply of water for cultivation Field assessments.

Access to water Prior to the conflict farmers in Kappalthurai accessed irrigation water. The destruction of small tanks during the conflict and the lack of maintenance of others that were not damaged make the farmers now totally dependent on rainwater for cultivation. Farmers suffer crop losses due to drought or floods.

One singlle is construction of agro-wells, one for four households. Another is to devise a system to obtain water from the Devara Ara canal. Restoration of the Adamkulam tank was proposed. Resolution of the critical problem access to water could restore agriculture as a profitable enterprise. Women should be included in water user organisations and their needs considered during planning, construction or reconstruction and maintenance of water supply schemes. Women attribute their lower wage to their lower output and fewer work hours, and do not identify this as an issue.

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Nonetheless, exploitation of female labour should be ended Un assessments. Wage inequity Wage differentials for agricultural labourers in the Kaththasinnakulam DS Division in the Vavuniya district are marked. However, although opportunities for contract labour are limited, the wages are divided equally among the members of a family that obtains a labour contract for harvesting paddy. Credit Under the New Comprehensive Scheme of Rural Credit the government gradually is withdrawing subsidised credit; and, banks reportedly to have stringent requirements for credit disbursements to farmers, fisher folk and traders Sarvananthan, These credit restrictions make battcialoa nearly impossible for women, who traditionally are disadvantaged in obtaining bank credit, to receive loans for productive purposes.

Consequently, women batticzloa agricultural inputs from informal sources, but they must repay batticapoa in kind post harvest with much of the profits Field assessments. No durable solution has been found for the decades-long problem of rural credit and indebtedness. Externally funded development programmes channel funds through NGOs that operate numerous micro credit programmes targeting women. CBOs often serve as credit intermediaries accessing micro credit and re-lending it to their members. Leakages are reported due to misuse of credit by men in NGOs and due to CBOs issuing women credit on behalf of their spouse because the women accept responsibility for repayment Field assessments.

Women bear the added burden of inequitable gender relations. More women should have access to credit facilities and revolving funds in the proposed projects. As micro credit alone has not brought women out of poverty, credit should be combined with services, and larger scale up operations should be addressed. Access to markets and market information Farmers suffer from inability to obtain fair prices for their produce Field assessments. Their bargaining power is limited by dependence on a few traders, lack of price information, limited access to credit, the consequent dependence on informal credit sources and settlement of loans with the harvest.

In LTTE controlled areas limited access to markets is a major problem. Policy makers should ensure a fair price at harvest time, the availability of market information and demand for new crops. Poor access to market and information Marketing poses no problem for the farmers of Kappalthurai in the Trincomalee district as traders visit the village to purchase produce. Farmers, however, are unaware of prevailing prices and many cannot take their produce to Trincomalee due to transport difficulties. The proposed establishment of a marketing centre could give the farmers more bargaining power if combined with dissemination of price information. In the LTTE controlled village in Mannar some traders now come to the village post-cease fire agreement, but they dictate purchase prices that are not fair to the farmers.

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wonan Farmers follow cultivation practices passed down through generations because they lack information about new batticzloa practices and technology. Agricultural extension officers visited the village in the Naanthanvely D. Division only once. Access to infrastructure and services Women are negatively affected by the poor condition of access roads, minimal transport facilities, inadequate housing, poor water supply and sanitation and limited access to health care services. Only rehabilitation of infrastructure facilities and restoration of services will enable women and their families to improve their quality of life.

Farmers may be encouraged to form marketing and distribution companies.

Farmer organisations will help operate and maintain water supplies. They may engage in seed production as do farmers in other parts of the country. With such policy shifts, special attention must ensure that women are not marginalised in farmer organisations. Today, few women belong to these organisations and those who belong have no bargaining power and do not hold decision making positions. Their lack of access to decision making positions could marginalise them further. They provide loans, operate revolving funds and assist in income generation. But their lack know-how and skill constrains further expansion. The CBOs should be revitalised and their ability to participate in rehabilitation projects should be developed.

Women should be trained to lead, to advocate and to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. Training Agricultural extension services have not functioned well in many field locations. Women participated in few training programmes, thus highlighting the need to target their training Field assessments. Several proposed projects with training components should receive special attention to reach women.

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