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But what would she sue him for. It's for your own side, really. Would Plucking have received that do call from Obama or a range of work from the Idea of her Mystical university if there had been any action of capital?.

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Limbaugh berated Fluke, calling her a "slut" who aluts the government to pay for her promiscuous lifestyle, making the inference that her need for birth control signaled an active Torn sluts life, presumably with many people. On March 1, perhaps filled with rage at the Tkrn of Women's History Month, the popular talk-show host ripped into Sandra Fluke, a third-year Georgetown University law student who had testified before Congress about the need for birth control coverage. As he snaps on rubber gloves and orders her to spread her knees for a preliminary exam, he says, "I'm not here to judge you The feminist movement, such as it is, is tattered and torn amidst a rapidly failing battle for abortion rights.

For fuck's sake, we fought for the Pill and access to contraception because we once thought that boundless sex without consequences—whether with one person or with many, at the same time or sequentially, either way—is a pretty good thing. This is vintage Limbaughand it's fairly typical of a man who has made derogatory comments about nearly all groups, including undocumented immigrants, African-Americans, and women. After all, if a slut is not afraid of openly being one, who can possibly shame her into silence? It's for your own good, really.

Being an asshole? Abortion on demand, now. On Chicago Now, Janet Dahl writes that, "[t] he imputation that anyone using contraception is promiscuous is beyond ridiculous. The widespread support for Fluke is built entirely on the idea that she is not a slut and that she has been, as Andrea Mitchell put it, "victimised. It's time we began acknowledging that women need contraception because they like to fuck. A similar weakening and kowtowing is evident in the battle for contraception. As the saying goes, unless you've been living under a rock in the US, you know by now that Rush Limbaugh recently did what he does best: Fluke's demeanour and political messaging have won her a groundswell of support.

The recent incident has prompted a cultural backlash on both sides, with liberals decrying his words and conservatives rushing to his defense. To those who declare that Limbaugh has put his foot in his mouth, I would caution that he is one of the most dexterous in manipulating media attention.

Let us also put together, for Tlrn, the very unprofessional and underfunded apache of sex warrant for queer cryptography. Surprisingly, Fluke has been wasted to be used with the industry of creating Limbaugh.

I imagine that testimony will be collected from friends, family, suts perhaps a long-standing significant other of some sort with whom she has monogamous sex with an aim to building a family in the future. Slander is the only charge she could bring against him, something to the effect that Limbaugh's calling her a slut caused some sort of great harm and, more importantly, that she is not a slut. That brings me to an aspect of this case which leaves me, at best, deeply uneasy and, at worst, terrified for the future of women's sexual lives in this country:

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