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The Difficulty of Being a Straight Male INFJ... and having to hide it from society

Unfortunately, only those who get used to us see and go this side of us. Particularly note that this is an uncovered link.

I think two mature INFJs could do very well together, infh they recognized the potential pitfalls and worked together to avoid them! I believe that INFJ's in general tend to be attracted to long term relationships which we take quite seriouslybreaking through boundaries and making connections on a level far deeper than the physical so we can really deepen our understanding of our partners quirks, likes, dislikes, Dreams and aspirations.

We're often drawn to kind hearts and old souls. If your relationship stands the test of time, you can look forward to years of meaningful companionship. INFJs have little patience for people they consider fake or corrupt. You may notice that other women are attracted to your INFJ partner. The depth of their emotions is powerful, and at times, a bit overwhelming to encounter for less emotional, stoic personality types. However, these types can be just as logical and reason-based when it comes to knowing what they want. And they eventually recognize when they are being disrespected or their efforts are not being reciprocated.

Remember that because an INFJ Datiing focusing a great deal of attention in meeting your needs, they may sometimes fail to advocate for their own. They are not the types you should mess with, lest you encounter ifj infamous door slam as they leave. Once these limits have been crossed a sufficient number of times, INFJs possess a Herculean-like emotional strength that enables them to cut toxic people out of their life without so much as a second glance. INFJs are infn generous with their time and energy, but what they really need is a great deal of time to recharge alone.

Society beats men down for being empathetic, emotional, and sensitive, so we may keep this part of ourselves hidden for fear of ridicule. This is a result of our traits of perfectionism and idealism. We love completely or not at all. We rarely do consistent or middle of the road for long periods of time. This is another reason we might confuse others, as we can go from one extreme to the other in a split second, seemingly without any reason. If they have a pet, treat them like a queen or king. INFJs are all about cute children and animals.

Get along with their families. INFJs hold a special place in most families. Take a shower. Dress nice. Be flexible. Being too strict or rigid might throw them off. INFJs have moments where they will say something sharply out of the blue. Don't investigate it too much. They're being direct with you. They're probably right about something, so don't try to shake things up too much.

Infj Dating male

Treat them to a nice dinner. Do you have a bachelor pad or bachelorette pad? They won't think that's cool at all. Learn plenty of malf to impress them. Languages, musical instruments, dances, and whatever. Keep the conversation toward their interests. INFJs are great eavesdroppers. If they understand the conversation and know of anything related -- they'll chime in. Try to help them by going toward categories they understand. I've read my favorite book six times. I have a photographic and encyclopedia-like memory of my favorite sports teams. It's fun to be like this, because I feel so connected to things and take personal ownership of them.

But at the same time, I've found this to be a double-edged sword.

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My tendency to daydream, mixed with my emotional intensity, is an absolutely lethal and self-destructing combination when it comes to the dating game. As males, we're constantly bombarded with the same dating cliches and advice. At first, when you meet someone new, you do need to play it cool a little bit, at least in my opinion. You need to try to take it slow, get to know her a little bit, and let everything play out naturally. In theory, this sounds like a great plan.

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