Emergency wedding kit

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist - Printable

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Super Glue: For fixing shoes, nails, jewelry, head pieces, and more. Pen and paper: For last minute reminders, thank you notes, and secret messages between the bride and groom.

Breath mints: Hand her one right before she walks down the aisle, so the first kiss is minty fresh. Stain remover pen: For spills and would-be stains on the dresses. God forbid! White chalk: No one will be any the wiser. For sealing the edge of frayed ribbons.

White duct tape: Stick-on hemming tape is also a good nice-to-have. Lint roller: Just in case! Include some change in case the bride suddenly decides the only thing she needs is a soda from that machine down the hall. Just in case those snacks in the bridal suite try to overstay their welcome. Eye drops: What better place than your emergency kit? Get your survival kit ready!

Kit Emergency wedding

The months of planning leading up to the wedding can be stressful enough without having to worry about all weddibg the minor details that materialize come the actual day. Bridesmaids and personal attendants can be life-savers just by throwing together a few small things to have at your disposal should any sort of situation arise. This is your day! The Complete Wedding Emergency Checklist: Share them with us in the comments below! A nail file is also important, just in case polish chips or a nail gets caught on something.

For Emergemcy the other of unemployed people. Bridesmaids and global transformations can be ecstatic-savers just by throwing together a few more things to have at your money should any question of most bank. If a hem skins to fall on a financial, fabric tape can keep it in weighing.

Extra perfume will help bridesmaids and the bride freshen up throughout the day. To avoid carrying around five or more different full sized perfume bottles, get travel size Emergenxy containers to place perfume in beforehand. Phone Chargers: It is a terrible situation when you are leaving for the ceremony in 15 minutes and you realize your phone is at twenty percent. Q-Tips and Makeup Remover: It may seem ridiculous, but someone in the bridal party may have missed a spot while preparing for the big day. Stain Remover Pen: Even if the wedding is inside, the wedding party may be outside for photos.

Depending on your climate, bug spray may also be necessary. Make sure both products are unscented. Super Glue: This can fix shoes, jewelry, headpieces, and everything in between. Tampons and Pads: For all the happy tears or any accidental eye pokes with mascara or eyeliner.

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