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Subsequently I listening- to poseees nothing. He had been in Troedyrhiw above 2Q images, and could have graves. Tke depictions of Ladas's novel g-ave general aviation, for it mea.

Complainant picked up a stone and struck defendant's with Lt. Defendant then kicked complainant all her back. Defendant was fined 10s and costs. Both parties live at Treallaw, and are neighbours. Complainant said she was going out with h. Defendant caught her and threw her down three timea on the road. Defendant ha; 1 fre- quently abused her. She had had no peace since defendant had been a neighbour of hers. When the assauli was committed there was a mob of people about. Defendant, on the other hand, said that complainant was constantly insulting some- one. On this occasion complainant was standing on the pavement, and although requested to go ont of the way she would not move. Defendant, when ste tonk th", house, understood the pavement referred to belonged to her.

The learned Sti- pendiary said that from all he could learn Treallaw contained more quarrelsome people that any other place he knew. Defendant was fined 5s, and costs. On the 30th ult. Biddle, Dyke, and Cresswell, Dow- law. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental death. James chairmanW. Sharp, W. Roach, and the Rev. The minutes of the last meeting having been read and con- firmed, it was reported thai the work of widen- ing the road at Abertangwlys had been nearly completed. In the cor. It stated that since there had only been 60 graves; the number was more like He had been in Troedyrhiw above 2Q years, and could reckon graves.

The Inspector was called in, and said he got his information from the sexton. A conver- sation followed in reference to the Old Chapel burial ground, Cefn, opinion being expressed that it ought to be closed as it was out of the jurisdic- tion of the board. No resolution was come to on the matter. The board having transacted some other formal business Mspcrsed. Coates and the Rev. Sirhowr, were chargeu by r. Jeremiah Evans with fighting. Phcebo admitted the offence, and was bound over to keep the peace. The defendant denied the fighting. She was charged with assaulting Phcebe, and fined 2s 6d and costs.

After a speech by Mr Plews for the defence, the bench dismissed the case. It was proved that Mrs Hall was drinking. Both were proved, and Kitty was sent to Usk for 14 days in each ca. This was the second batch of rate de- faulters summoned by Mr Allen within the last month. Rhys, and Mr D. Both had to answer a second summons charging them with disobeying special ride in Colliery Act, and also a third charge for unram- ming a hole in a colliery. The offences were com- mitted on the 14th inst. I with stealing we property of John Griffiths and D. Williams, Hirwain. The particulars of the case were gone into last week. Prisoner was sent for trial on both charges.

Holistic Lady's 14ct. Briavels, island Coleford. Woodhouso, Frco-istrfet.

The fiuance report was read and adopted. Willet and Co. It was agreed that the resignation of Alderman John Davies should be left in the hands of the mayor and town-clerk, to take the necessary steps in the mattex. A letter was read from the Trustees of t e Boaghrood Charity, forwarding n. The list was approved of. A letter was read from 1, Mayor of Newport, suggesting. The Rev. John Daniel Williams late head-master of Christ Collegepresented a handsomely carved oak chair to the council for the use of the mayor. On the proposition of the mayor, a hearty vote of thanks was passed to Mr Williams for his kind- ness. A water rate of 31d in the J6, was moved and agreed to.

The council then ros 5. Pugh, in the chair, Mr J. Lewis, vice-chairman Sir J. Mansell, Mr M. Davis Mr D. The principal business transacted was the election of a new member to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Loid Dynevor, and by the unanimous vote of the board the present Lord Arthur de Cardonnel Rice, Baron Dynevor, was elected to liil the vacancy, A precept at the rate of 3d in the pound was issued. It was resolved that copies of the form of declaration adapted by the Man- chester Board relative to the ages of children be ordered for use in cases where the registrar's cer- tificate was not forthcoming. John ex-Mayor in the chair.

Reterence was made to to the man- ner of the fulfilment of the contract for supplying stones, entered into by Mr Cole, and it was stated by the report of the Committee appointed to ex- amine the stones that the 1S7 yards of stones supplied were by no means according to the con- tract, bricks, mortar, and rubbish being mixed with the lime-stone. The election of officers then took place, Dr Saer being re-elected medical officer of health, and Mr K. Ladd in- spector of nuisances; for surveyor there were two candidates, viz. Ladd retiring surveyor and J. Wdcox fa former borough sur- veyor. Owen, the registrar, disposed of about undisputed plaints. The only cases whicn came before his Honour, with the exception of some Judgment eases, were two jury eases.

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The urst one was Charles Slutss, Poyea- uFck, v. Lewis Mathias, Lpcal. The action was for Llanvvapley for breaking open gates and removing 67 loads of hay from a seven-acre and llanvapely five-acre field on Northdown Farm, rented by the plaintiff from slus defendant. In July last plaintiff heard that Mr Mattiiaa was going to let the land and he offered defendant the grass by paying llanvvapley It, which he declined. The jury consisted of Messrs. Davies RorwatonE. Griffiths Pembroke Dockand J. Thamas arren. They gave a verdici tor plaintiff for R32 10s. In short, we are serious about helping you find sex in your local area. This means we give you all the features you need so you can fuck local singles: Completely free sex dating: You don't have to pay a penny to join our dating site, no credit card required!

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Richards, Tredegrar. Wanted at once, an Assistant of good VX experience and character; state wages required indoors ,-John Lloyd, Tredegar. Pegler and Son, Pontypool. Welsh; good reference. Western Mail, Cardiff. J O'ltfirt-'V Tilerrbyr. MJ Jijri'' Picuiio. Drinkwater, 44, Mackintosh- place, Cardiff. Nurse for Young Babv. Davey, Wyndcliffe, "Neath. Lloyd, Llanvapley Rectory, Abergavenny. Also a Boots;?? Price, Wellfield Hor. Harris,High-street, Merthyr. Herbert Cory, St. Mellon'3, near Cardiff. Phillips, Gaer Faeh, Newport, Hon. Mrs, George, Bron-Havren. Stow Purk, Newport. Evans, 5, Talbot-strect, Car- diff.

Others rare chances. Allen, 5, Kymin-terrace, Penarth. Thomas, Swansea. Apply mornings or evenings 26, Partridge-road, Roath, i-l' raiff.

Woodhouso, Frco-istrfet. Queen's Hotel, north of front entrance. V If State wages, indoors; 0 all found. Govier, Cardiff Arms outh Splott. Phillips, Parcyryn, Ammanford R. Walter Morgan, Pontypridd. Beer, Highmead, near Aberga- venny. Harris,High- P"f street, Merthyr. Bowcutt, Bootmaker, Pocal, Great Malvern. Please state wages. Allen, North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset- shire. Whit- church, near Cardiff. AS Groohi-Coaehman llanvalpey 27; unmarried good -t references drive single or pair. No dispute. Allwood, Talbot-street, Car- diff. Jonas, St.

Heleii's-yard, Swan sea. Byteh, 7, Romilly-road West, Canton,Cardiff. Williamson, Butcher, Swansea. Pavey, 18, High-street, Cardiff. Il1an I 81l1glc, aged 25 Wants:: Situation good all-round work man; icing- piping,T. Cooper, 16, Tower-street, Birm ingham. Rook,Cowbridge-road, Cantou, Cardiff. M, B" The Square, Caerphilly. Western Mail Office, Swansea. Theatre royal Lessee and Manager. Return Visit of Mr. Willie "Edouin's No. Prices, 6d. Doors open at Seven. Com- mence at 7. Booking Offices at Messrs. Thompson and Shackell's LimitedQueen-street. Telephone No. JUNE Under this title Messrs. Heath and Sons, Queen-street, Cardiff, pianoforte makers, organ builders, and music ware- housemen, have collected an imnosmg array of testi- monials and Press opinions relating to the quality of ail the musical instruments supplied by them.

The firm is so well known in Cardiff, and, indeed, throughout South Wales a. This collection of testimonials serves, however, to do something more than certify to the excellence of the instruments furnished by Messrs. Heath and Sons.

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