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Patrice O'Neal's Take on Women

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He was rushed to Jersey City Medical Centerand later Englewood Hospitalwhere doctors performed surgery to remove a blood clot in his head. Doctors warned that if he survived, he would likely remain permanently paralyzed and unable to speak. He was Patrice o neal women advice dating years old. Dave Attell tweeted "Patrice O. So sad. Doug Stanhope remembered O'Neal as "one of the best ever. Inspiring every time I heard him on anything. Once again in comedy we lose somebody, who's too funny, too soon. He WILL be missed. We will miss you. Man, this is so devastating. He truly was one of my favorite comics. Patrice had that rare 'light' around him and inside of him.

I think his message is more along the lines of tolerating and staying truly happy with one. His advice helps to keep a girl around. He is basically saying quit being a spinless bitch, and speak your mind. Women are not going to respect a man who gives them everything they want. Instead they will grow to resent them. You give a woman what she wants when she isnt expecting it. If she mentions wh you never give her flowers on a Tuesday and you give them to her on a Wenesday, thats spinless and predictable.

She has you wrapped around her finger. If she mentions flowers on a Sunday and you give them to her 3 weeks later, thats being unpredictable. I wont carry a womans purse, or her bags in the mall when they hand them to me. I am not their coat rack. But it seems the rules of the game have change too much and have become so untenable that the social fabric human relationship are bases on is being torn to shreds. I accept that in nature sexual selection, specifically in mammals and birds, is a female affair. She does the picking, and generally selects the males deemed to have the better genes.

Elks in the wild bulk up and grow large antlers only to stop eating and almost everything else to keep his sexually receptive females around during the mating season. He works his ass off fighting to keep other males away from his herd of bitches while mating with them as much as possible. By the end of it all he is damn near dead from exhaustion. What it boils down to is males have to work for sex and females pick the most able male, the one that balances her feminism with strength of spirit or of body.

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Human sexually was that for countless womej. But in human current societies, other factors throw a monkey wrench against the natural order of mating success. Shit like artificial enhanced womeen and government assistance make natural selection very unnatural at times. This might Patricee seem a good thing to some that a short or less than impressive specimens of manliness can pull women with their nonphysical assets. But the aggravating and completely unnatural problem accruing now in modern dating is when stressed-out and emasculated males meet hyper-masculine females. Very little complex and normal human bonding is shared between the two camps.

With government quotas, assistance programs, neo-feminist, the anti-male stance taken by the media, and the false fantasy of sisterhood growing stronger in the western world I say fantasy because everybody knows women generally hate each otherwomen on the whole have been given the upper hand in their relationships with men, and they know this well enough to keep men on the defensive on every level. Nowadays a fat bitch with no education and nine fucking kids by different motherfuckers she randomly fucked can still, in her modern day female delusion, somehow believe she is a great catch and talk shit to anybody who says otherwise. We have to do all this while trying to survive in these stress-filled and ever changing times.

Typically, we will be dead of a heart attack or some other breakdown by age sixty, or fucked up from stress and angry at the very least.

It's something else I specifically understood that some of what things always datung to leave in me was the very need they were attracted to me in the first year. O'Neal's appearance on the desired was to be his financial television appearance demure to his untimely ayah two methods later.

But who the fuck meal being a man was fair? Patirce know women are the only game in town for a straight man, but I say fuck that crazy and artificial bullshit shit we call relationships today. Hell, a half retarded fucker can get afvice half retarded pussy with a little effort. And I doubt any other guy does for long these days. But the problem remains the same as it has been; the love, respect and acknowledgment, and the female affection I want as a heterosexual man is completely tied to the current hyper inflated value of pussy, and most women in America are unable or unwilling to restore the natural balance.

I'll be glad when it does. Maybe then the average guy can get the respect and affection he wants and have a farer exchange for the pussy he needs.

That damn bubble keeps growing bigger and is costing guys more time and money and much of their spirit just to adting what should be natural for them wojen have. September 23, Stand Up[ edit ] Men want to be alone, but we don't wanna be by ourselves. I generally don't like living in a world where being what a man is, is a horrible thing; and no matter what a woman is, is a wonderful thing. Having women work with men is like having a grizzly bear work with salmon. Have your opinion, don't let your opinion have you. Women want us to like them, but they don't even like each other.

I can say anything I goddamn want racially. And white people have to sit there and take it. You gave it a shot. You did. You gave it a two-year shot. I'm mad at him Obama because I thought I would have a white slave by now! I thought it was vengeance day! I thought I had me a white family! A big old, fat white girl.

Go warm my bed up-- neql upstairs, Susan! Warm my bed up feed my baby with your giant white titties! I'm gonna go outside and stare your husband in the face and decide whether I'm gonna sell him or not!

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