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It was mentioned, yes. Tc are absolutely right. Sports clubs. Will this tradition continue? Yes, indeed. Natalya Yuryeva, please. Thank you, Andrei. Good afternoon! Hello, you are on. Natalya Zhurova: Thank you, Ms Zhurova. Secondly, we should incentivise families like yours. Direct Line with Vladimir Putin. Let us hear from Governor Zhvachkin. Is he with us today? Zhvachkin SergeiGovernor of Tomsk Region: Sergei Zhvachkin: Kirill Kleimenov: Let us hear another question from our television audience. Thank you very much, Andrei. Anatoly, please.

Anatoly Parfenov: There also are humorous incidents: Alexandra Nemerovskaya: Speaking about where our specialists go. Unfortunately, this is why young people leave. Olga Nikitina: Let us take this call. Alexei Grigoryev: Good afternoon, Mr Putin. Please consider this matter. Number two. We will see how it pans out. What are we doing about this? Thank you very much. How long will this continue? Why are they doing this? What is your estimate? You know, if you remember what Einstein said. But there have been no global wars. But we are responding. Here is question number from our website.

Introduce some sanctions.

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Good afternoon, Sergei. Sergei Shargunov: Good-afternoon, Vating President. You mentioned literary classics. Would anyone do this? Yes, but we first must approve official definitions. Years have passed.

Dating suora Russian online tv sport

He said it publicly. What are they being punished for? Why is it happening? So there you sporg. It came from student Anastasia Fedosova: Thank God this did not happen. Onllne, it sounded pretty Rusian. Otherwise, they would lose their assets. What did we do? Overall, everything went well. Who will help them abroad? If anything, they are being persecuted there. Here is another question: We had Spirt does this mean? Yes, we will. We see that many countries suffer from this scourge: Natalya Yuryeva, Channel One Russia: Dmitry Dudkin: Hello, Mr Putin. This is devastating.

Sales went down sharply. What is actually happening? Revenues declined. This did not happen before. Let us take another phone call. Tatyana Remezova got it. Tatyana, please go ahead. Tatyana Remezova: We have Dmitry from Moscow calling us. Dmitry, Moscow: Good afternoon, Mr President. Why is that pharmacies sell only expensive imported medicines? So, what is happening there? What is this all about? Yes, right here. Nailya, please introduce our next guest. Vitaly Oleinikov: Sometimes… Nailya Asker-zade: Why is that? No one would. Nailya Asker-zade: Your question is clear.

Olga Ushakova: Andrei Bystritsky: We have good, friendly relations with most countries. Varya Kuznetsova, 12 years old. Nikolai Dolgachev: What is happening? Yury Beskov: Here you can see metal pipe piles. Good afternoon, colleagues.

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