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12 Simple Ways Of Updating A Tired Bathroom

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If yours is starting to look slightly tired and dated, it could be time to update. Here are 12 ideas about how to update a bathroom. They can increase the perception of space and make a room look slightly larger than it actually is. Not only that they can also give the illusion of light. If you place your mirror on the opposite wall to a window sunlight can shine onto the mirror and be reflected throughout the room.

Furthermore, modern pane, can incorporate all kinds of gadgetry including demister pads, lighting, clocks and even a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone for playing music whilst you shower! And everyone loves a bright and airy bathroom! You know the type, the flat contract style radiators that are fitted as standard in most homes. A good quality tall towel rail installed will give you extra heat output and extra vertical storage for towels and bath robes.

Panel Updating bathroom

Replace Leaky Tiles Sometimes you need to update a bathroom because of maintenance reasons as opposed to aesthetics. One Updating bathroom panel component that often needs changing or renewing are the tiles. If these have been on your walls for a number of years, they could begin to leak and let water through. If this is ignored and left unattended you could end up with a water damaged wall or floor. To get Updating bathroom panel of this possibility completely consider installing the Showerwall waterproof panelling system.

This is the easy to install and attractive alternative to tiling. Showerwall can be installed as a replacement or directly over old tiling. Soft Close Toilet Seat Sick of being woken up during the night by people slamming the toilet seat down? Then it sounds like you need a soft close toilet seat. These have sprung hinges to prevent them from being too loud when they close. Until recently this ingenious idea was only available on plastic seats but now even wooden seats are seeing this being introduced. The seat can get chipped and hinges discoloured and the bath panel can start to ingress water at the base.

For a relatively cheap upgrade get these replaced. Renew Tile Grout If your grout is discoloured, your whole bathroom will be dragged down with it. Even after cleaning this can quickly return. Assemble Panel Apply silicone adhesive to all four edges of beadboard, then fit beadboard into grooved trim pieces. Attach all four trim pieces with miters lined up. Clamp beadboard panels to trim pieces, let silicone dry for at least two hours. How To Assemble Beadboardl for Bathtub Update First apply silicone adhesive to the four edges of the beadboard and fit into the grooved trimmed pieces.

Clamp beadboard panels to trim pieces, let silicone dry for two hours. Press panel into place, then add clamps. Install Panel Apply silicone adhesive directly to front of tub using caulk gun Image 1.

Using caulk gun, add bead of silicone to gaps pznel panel and tub surround, wipe with damp cloth. Allow at least 24 hours for adhesive to dry Image 2. How To Apply Silicone Adhesive to Bathtub Using a caulk gun, apply silicone adhesive directly to the front of the bathtub. Allow at least 24 hours for adhesive to dry.

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